National Anthem on the Chopping Block at Youth Sporting Events

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flagIn Pennsylvania, nearly 200 high school hockey teams have been told that they are to cut the National Anthem from the program because it eats into time and time is money when rink time costs upwards of $300 an hour to rent. Um, the National Anthem only takes two minutes to sing, how much more could that really cost?

In other words, are you frickin' serious, people?

Ed Sam, commissioner of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League, stated: "We are recommending the national anthem not be played or sung or whatever it is.”

(Personally, I think the tone of Ed Sam sounds kind of flippant, but anyway ...)

To many Americans, the National Anthem is a big deal and we expect to hear it before any major sporting event, even at the youth level. The National Anthem is a long-standing tradition, and it is part of what makes the overall experience of our sporting events.

Sam referred to the cost of ice. Yes, it is extremely expensive per hour, but it doesn't take that long to sing the National Anthem. If you raise the price of tickets minimally by less than 5 cents, the time could easily be covered. And wouldn't that be worth it? Not to lose this time-honored tradition?

Americans are a very patriotic group and paying homage to the people who fight our wars and the country that we love is not something that should be taken away, especially not over a few measly cents. If this is a cost savings measure, it's not a very effective one.

Taking away the National Anthem from high school hockey matches is just the beginning. What’s next? Do we remove it from the Major League Baseball games? Maybe we take away hot dogs and peanuts too?

How do you feel about removing the National Anthem from the beginning of sporting events?

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mompam mompam

Here in ny it is only played during championships and tournaments. I guess they already got rid of it here. They do have to keep things moving.

tuffy... tuffymama

Our whole country is crumbling.

Venae Venae

Keep things moving?  Fine - don't stop the clock.  Hockey games last for 3 20-minute periods.  That's one hour - ready?  Go!  


power... powertothekids

i agree with tuffymama the star spangled banner is a long tradition dating back very far. This is a SACRED tradition and makes americans proud!


sarcasm but for a few pennies..sarcasm

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I think it's kinda silly to stop a 2 minute song over budget issues (really, a 2 minute recording isn't going to break the bank). However, I also think that since schools are having to deal with such huge budget cuts,perhaps they should put the money towards, I don't know.. instead of extra-curricular sports.Last I knew our test scores weren't that great Also, no, I'm NOT judging those who put their kids in sports. My kids play sports because the school,like every school, offers it...It IS good for them...but they don't NEED it. They NEED a good I really would prefer that if they are in a budget shortfall, that they pick education over sports..Just my honest opinion....

Aimée Reinhart Avery

As an honor to those who serve our great nation, I think the RINK should include the anthem in the rental agreement.

Sandi Duranceau-Kubiaczyk

2 minutes of time. I am sure you get some business to donate the time it took to sing the national anthem. I know the cost would be $10, but i would think that you could get someone to donate the money.....

Carola Lambert

honestly, my son played football for his school and i don't think they ever played the anthem...

mompam mompam

My kids have always played hockey. It is never played at any game except a championship.

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