Another General Caught Sending ‘Inappropriate’ Email Instead of Defending Our Country

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Gen. John AllenIf there's one good thing to come out of the sex scandal rocking the Pentagon right now, it's the potential to clean house. First it was CIA Director David Petraeus stepping down from his post in response to news that his affair with biographer Paula Broadwell had been leaked. Now General John Allen, the guy who succeeded Petraeus as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, has been sucked into the quagmire. Taxpayers, prepare to get mad ... really mad.

Investigators into the Petraeus affair say they've found some 30,000 pages of communications between Allen and a woman named Jill Kelley, a volunteer social liaison with military families at MacDill Air Force Base, that span the past two years. That's some 30 pages a DAY of communications by a government official with a woman whose connection to the military is on a volunteer basis only and even that is only tangentially related to Allen's gig in Afghanistan.

It gets a bit more complicated because Kelley is the woman from Florida who the FBI has credited with bringing down the whole Petraeus affair. A friend of the Petraeus family, Kelley has now been identified as the one who reported alleged threatening emails she'd received from Broadwell. In that sense, she may have done a service to our country.

But what the heck was she doing emailing with John Allen all the time? More to the point, how did a guy who was supposed to be working for us, the taxpayers, manage an average of 30 pages of communication per day with a woman who is not a government employee? Thirty pages that have been dubbed "inappropriate," mind you.

That certainly makes you question the job Allen has been doing in Afghanistan, a job that put the lives of thousands of soldiers in his hands. It makes us wonder whether he's really fit for the job of Commander of U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe, the gig Allen was supposed to be appointed to very soon.

Generally I think we're a country that gets a little too caught up in the personal lives of our public officials. I don't approve of married men (or women) carrying on extramarital affairs, but that's really their spouse's problem ... at least until the antics in the bedroom leak into the workplace. We, the taxpayers, have every right to know whether the people we are paying are doing their jobs or not. And if they are falling down on the job, we have every right to be outraged.

We don't yet know the nature of the relationship between John Allen and Jill Kelley. All we know is that Allen used to work in Tampa, where Kelley lives, and that their communications were dubbed "inappropriate." We also know that this man was being paid an ample salary by the United States government to do a job was engaging in an "inappropriate" communication, seemingly while on the clock.

Something tells me Gen. Allen won't be making commander after all.

What do you think of poking into the private lives of our public officials? Is this something the nation needs to know about?


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WTH is going on with this situation?!  How do you write 30 pages a day of ANYTHING, and still have time to wipe your hiney?  This is bizarre and unnerving, for sure.  Do men always and forever think with their lower brain, no matter how mature they are???

Alexis Eggleton

I had dinner Friday with some dear friends where this conversation came up.

To appropriately set the stage, they are not regular citizens, but rather six individuals with vast experience in local, state and federal government and politics.

I posed this question- why does it matter? In the day and age of "What you do in your bedroom is your business," I wanted someone to explain to me why this man having an affair is anyone's business but his and his wife's.

Everyone around the table agreed with that idea, for elected and appointed positions throughout governement, but when it came to the Head of the world's greatest, largest and most invasive spy agency, no one was going for it. They asked What about the threat of blackmail, ease of access to assassins or terrorists or even the threat of pillow talk to national security?

Charles Johnston

If you want to get down to it about paying people for doing their job then you might as well yank every senator and congressman paycheck all the way up to the president for not doing what they are paid to do.

MamaP... MamaP0123

Alexis, I wondered the same thing... When I read this I thought to myself, "Even if he did cheat... Why does he have to step down from his job...?" I guess people look at it like if he's willing to betray his wife... he can't be trusted in his job either. I get this, but I feel if someone is good at their job and devoted years to build their career they shouldn't have to step down because of something having to do with their personal life. I suppose it all comes down to who we represent and reputation... :/

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