'50 Shades of Grey' Drives Woman to Divorce Husband Because He's Not a Make-Believe Sex Maniac

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handcuffIt's heated up their bedroom lives, turned their innermost fantasies into realities, and taught plenty of women to be more comfortable with their sexuality, and now Fifty Shades of Grey has driven one woman to divorce her husband.

Yep -- a banker from England purchased the book last year in the hopes of making her bedroom life a little bit more (ahem) exciting, but her husband wasn't exactly into being adventurous. And when he refused to engage in a little role playing and give her a sexy Christian Grey experience -- she decided it was time to file for divorce. The case is currently going through the High Court, and she cited "unreasonable behavior" as grounds for the divorce.

Apparently when she told her husband about wanting to kick things up a notch, he became irate and said, "It's all because you have been reading that bloody book." (Wow. You'd think most dudes would jump at the chance to act out a Fifty Shades-style fantasy.)

And while I'm sure there's more to this story than meets the eye, it sounds like this woman fell into the same trap that many of us do when we read books or watch romantic movies. We buy into the illusion of perfection in the story and immediately feel like our own marriages can't measure up -- and never will.

C'mon, how many times have you watched The Notebook and cried your eyes out at the end, and then turned to gaze adoringly into your husband's eyes -- only to find him fast asleep on the couch with a few popcorn kernels scattered on his shirt? And then you cried even harder because you felt like the romance in your life was gone forever and you'd never have a love story like Noah and Allie? (Trust me, we've all been there.)

There are plenty of good reasons to get divorced, but if you're thinking of leaving your husband because of some ideal in a book or film that you're trying to live up to, you may want to think twice before packing your bags. You know the whole "grass is always greener" thing? Yeah, well it's a hell of a lot greener in the movies and in the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey than it will ever be with anyone in real life. (Sad, but true.)

Do you fall into the book/movie trap? And do you think this woman has valid grounds for divorce?


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DKs-Kat DKs-Kat

Sounds to me like there was trouble in paradise long before the books. Maybe she realized there was more to the bedroom and wanted that. I don't see anything wrong with a woman discovering that her bedroom life could be spiced up. If the man in her life doesn't want to or refuses perhaps it's time to move on. Maybe the books just helped her make the choice.

Miche... Michelephant

How people compromise in the bedroom tells a lot about how they compromise in their relationship.  If he didn't want to try something new that would make her happy in bed what are the chances he would want to make adjustments in their relationship to make her happy. No one should be pressured into something sexual that they are uncomfortable with, but how you handle the situation says a lot.

Christina Lang

I agree with Michelephant. He didn't respect her enough to meet halfway? He probably wasn't willing to do that for her in other areas of their relationship. Staying married just  to keep the status quo...never a good idea. My husband and I lived the lifestyle before...but since the books we are more into meeting others with the same ideas...and we have. Those books helped us to expand. But, didn't give us any false pretenses. People who succumb to the 'story' should examine their own lives for what is missing.

Stefanie Byington

I don't think it grounds for divorce really. You married the guy for brought to you then. So no that's crazy to get a divorce cause he won't be her "CHRISTIAN GREY?


Sarah Taylor

Either way, they both need to be happy in order to make the marriage work in the first place.. and apparently she wasn't very happy with that portion of the marriage.. the bedroom is pretty important and I think it's a good thing she noticed that she wanted something more.. and if he wasn't able to fulfill her wants/needs.. then maybe they aren't meant to be together.. I wouldn't say it was the books fault for the divorce.. it was just something that helped her open her eyes! 

jessi... jessicasmom1

hahaa I really don't think it is due to 50 shades of grey .. rather than the divorce was preceding

Sabrina Casseus

i feel like this article is 100% right. seriously? this woman is ready to divorce her husband because he is not like christian gray? that is one of the most dumb things i've ever heard. i know that it is easy to read a book and get caught up in a fanasty, i do so with books and tv all of the time, but in all honest. life is not a story. it is certainly not fifty shades of grey. i mean sure as women we all wish we could meet a handsome billonare like christian grey that could swept us off our feet and buy us expensive gifts and give us a awesome love life, but in reality for a majority of women, that will never happen.  learn to seperate fanstasy from reality. it is hard. but necessary.

nonmember avatar Lia

Isn't it more likely that they haven't had sex in a really long time, she bought the book to spice things up and her husband STILL had no interest in her so she's divorcing him? A man or a woman in a marriage will eventually leave when their needs aren't being met. Sexual counts just as much as emotional, intimacy is important. If you can't share your fantasies with your partner, who can you share them with? FYI, that is the stupidest book on the planet. I agree with spicing up your love life, but that book is a travesty.

belly... bellygirl

She sounds like an idiot. One day she'll realize how ingnorantly she acted and regret her actions. All the while her husband will be thankful to have lightened his load of one dumbass wife. Seriously, divorcing your husband for not measuring up to a book? Ridiculous!

Linda Lou Larson

She's an idiot. Why marry the guy in the first place. Oviously she loved him! If you truly love someone, you take the good with the bad, and to break a marriage up over a book, it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. She may never get that fantasy, and she'll be the sorry one in the end. You know what you've got. You don't know what you might get. Be grateful for having someone that loves you for yourself. Not very many people have that...

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