Ashley Judd Is Exactly the Candidate the US Senate Needs in 2014

Ashley JuddAshley Judd is a beautiful actress who is best known for a number of movies, including Double Jeopardy and Kiss the Girls. But now she is considering a run for the US Senate against Mitch McConnell in her native Kentucky.

McConnell ran a very loud campaign to get President Obama out of office and to bring a Republican majority to the Senate. He achieved neither of these goals, and now if Judd, a very well-liked actress and member of the singing Judd family, is convinced, he may lose his own seat in 2014.

Oh please let it happen! I know what the right wing will say (insert massive eye roll).

Because Hollywood has traditionally swung left, most on the right hate "Hollywood types" endorsing candidates. Actor Matt Damon has been loudly criticized for his support of leftie causes. Of course, as usually with the right wing, you NEVER hear them complaining when the actors come from THEIR side. Think Clint Eastwood as mayor of Carmel, California, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California. Their biggest hero -- Ronald Reagan -- was an ACTOR before he became president.

So pipe down already. You don't have a leg to stand on.

Besides, Judd has earned her stripes. In recent years she has become more and more political and proven herself to be both fearless and righteous. She lashed out against Rick Santorum in regards to choices. She wrote an extremely poignant and meaningful response to rumors about her "puffy" face. She has generally been an outspoken proponent of women's rights and isn't afraid of appearing "ugly" in order to get her point across.

She has long become a hero of the left. And it's not just in the "swoop in at election time and give some attention to a candidate" way. She is the real deal -- smart, eloquent, intellectual.

Kentucky -- a traditionally red state -- would be lucky to have her, and as a native daughter, she has a better chance of winning than most other liberal types. No one could deny that she loves Kentucky and the south and just wants the best for the area.

This last election has proven that all the money in the world can't buy you political seats. Elizabeth Warren beat a well funded Scott Brown in Massachusetts and Sherrod Brown beat Josh Mandel (also well funded) handily in Washington. Judd has friends in high places, but it seems she really needs friends on the ground, in her native state.

If she could win, it would be a great day for Kentucky and for the country. And the haters can stop their whining and watch old footage of Reagan.

Do you think Judd could win Kentucky?


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bills... billsfan1104

You know, I am really getting sick and tired of being called a hater, because I do not agree with your view or a democrats views. I thought all of you were tolerant?

nonmember avatar Jess

Billsfan, I have read several of your comments on other posts and I think you're taking some a bit too personally, while on others, you seem perfectly reasonable. I am a democrat, yet I do not identify with everyone in my party (ie, I do not believe that every republican/conservative is a racist bigot). But, the intolerant members of both the right and the left are the ones who tend to make the most noise. Maybe we should all stop lumping everyone into the same category, calm down, and understand that every political argument is not a personal attack.

zandh... zandhmom2

You know Sasha, I actually like Ashley Judd.  She has always been one of my favorite actress and yes I lean more right than left.  I really bothers me that you seem to clump all right leaner together.  I don't know if you get paid by the blog or the hits on your blogs but I think this is the last blog of yours that I will read from this site. You are filled with such hatred and you may not even realize it since you think  because you're a liberal and so open minded and tolerant but you in fact are a BIG part of the divide we have in this country.

Courtney Puzzo

what's the big fing deal she cares about this country and the direction it's going in other stars have served in public office or on auxilury boards where they live. like Joanne Woodward does on the board of the Westport Historical society or Paul McCartney does on the board of trustees for Neil Youngs Bridge School.

chigi... chigirl1228

This is a very divisive article. Republicans aren't all extreme and I think billsfan has a point. Somebody wasn't paying attention when Obama and Romney were saying we need to bring the country together. If you listen ti moderate republican views they actually have good ideas.

debsdc debsdc

It seems that those who do not agree with the "left" are haters. What should the left be labeled as? When the left doesn't agree with the right's opinion they are the only ones who aren't stupid haters? I too am getting tired of being called a hater. The election is over. Lets try and work together for the benefit of OUR COUNTRY. Sound good to you?

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Please cut back on the nastiness, Sasha. It is benefitting no one. You have a bad attitude.

Alc0106 Alc0106

I agree with all of you!!  Conservatives want the best for the country, too.  Different ideas don't necessarily translate into hate.  I could rant about this, but I think the point has been made.  That said, I never thought I would ever consider voting Democrat for the simple fact that I am fiscally Conservative.  However, I love Ashley Judd.  I read her book and she's been an advocate for women and children around the world for years, far longer than she was interested in politics.  She's an advocate for people with mental health issues, and I think she has a good heart.  She's someone who has a unique perspective of the world and a lot to offer.  That said, I'm not sure she can change the hearts and minds of the career politicians she'd have to deal with, but I do think her heart is in the right place.

DebaLa DebaLa

Good for her interest in politics and changing things for the better. I must say, tho, she's always had an inflated view of herself — not taking away all the good she does — but I think she may be out of her depth. Perhaps she will inspire more qualified women from her state to run, and for whom she could support to earn her stripes for future political office, if she makes that her new career path. 

Todd Vrancic

Just one thing, Sherrod Brown beat Josh Mandel in Ohio.

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