David Petraeus & Paula Broadwell Were Busted by a 3rd Woman & Things Just Got Crazier

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David PetraeusThe web in the David Petraeus scandal keeps getting more tangled. Now, not only is the former CIA director under fire for his affair with Paula Broadwell, which he admitted and resigned over, but now there appears to be a mysterious third woman involved in the whole mess. Or I suppose she's really a fourth if we count his wife, Holly Petraeus, to whom he's been married for 37 years.

According to the Washington Post, the affair between Petraeus, 60, and Broadwell, 40, was revealed when a woman "close to" Petraeus turned in threatening emails she'd received to the FBI. Apparently they were so frightening that she felt like she needed protection, and as the FBI was investigating, they found not only that Broadwell was the sender of the threatening emails but also explicit emails between Petraeus and Broadwell that detailed their affair. And they were busted.

Wow. So many questions here. First of all, who could this third woman be? The Post says the woman did not work at the CIA, and it wasn't Petraeus's wife, Holly. It's also not known if he was romantically involved with her, but apparently Broadwell found her to be a huge threat and wasn't about to let her take her man. Also, who could she be that she reports threats directly to the FBI; and was she really scared, or did she know this was a way to take Broadwell and Petraeus down? Also, what kind of a badass/crazy woman might Broadwell be?

Like I said, so many questions, and I'm already dying for the movie version of this whole mess to come out. 

As for Petraeus, at first I wasn't really seeing a need for the man to resign. He had a great reputation and record, and while morally despicable, I'm not sure that I believe having an affair should negate that. If everyone in our nation resigned over an affair, we wouldn't have many people working. But with yet another woman involved I'm starting to wonder just what kind of a man he really was, and if he was romantically involved with this third woman too, how he had time to do his job and juggle all these women.

Are you surprised to learn about a third mystery woman in the David Petraeus scandal?


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PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Sounds like Petraeus was a serial cheater.   Why does this remind me of that Sharon Stone/Mike Douglas movie "Basic Instinct"?

jen1130 jen1130

I was thinking he put me in mind of Bill Clinton!!!!

nonmember avatar kaerae

lol, it probably WAS HIS WIFE!

nonmember avatar sugar

I didn't get it at first, either. I suppose the problem is that his employer needed to know who he had a close relationship with, who he might be talking to. He failed to divulge this woman as an "intimate contact" thereby jeopardizing our security. She was his biographer but she could have been a spy.

nonmember avatar Mary

If he had not resigned he would have been court-marshaled for "conduct unbecoming an officer." They keep that rule on the books to make officers examine their behavior more carefully. If you knew you could lose your job permanently for being a horrible drunk or having an affair, you would examine your behavior a lot more carefully too!

missy... missybest

News reports say that he was not involved with this third woman.  However, we haven't heard who she is or why the woman having an affair with him threatened her?  How weird!  Maybe the third woman found out about the affair and threatened to expose them?  Who knows?  Pretty weird!  This is a huge offense in the military for a married man to have an affair.  So, for him to be so high up in command and this be found out is not good at all!  What is up with this whole thing?  It will be interesting to get more news on this.

My condolences to his wife.  She, and her family, and any kids,  are the real victims in this entire situation.  I can only imagine what they are going through.

Glenn Beaton

The author misses the point about the reason for Patraeus' resignation. It's not the moral aspect, but the national security aspect. We can't have a Director of the CIA who is susceptible to blackmail.

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