Mailman Who 'Ignored' Dead Body on Porch Has One Good Excuse (VIDEO)

dale porchDale PorchMailmen are a dedicated bunch. Other than that whole "going postal" rap, they get the job done come rain, sleet, or snow ... but one USPS worker in Denver has been taken off his route for allegedly ignoring a dead body just inches from the mailbox. Hedy Porch, the wife of deceased Dale Porch, says that the mailman saw her husband lying there, yet did nothing to help. She goes as far as to say that had the mail carrier done something, maybe Dale would still be with us today.

But. But but but but but. The mailman has one very good excuse for "ignoring" Dale's lifeless body.

It was November 2, just two days after kids were trick-or-treating, when this all went down, and the mailman says that he thought Dale's body was a leftover Halloween mannequin.

I can see that.

The USPS asserts that this specific carrier is a "conscientious and dedicated employee", which furthers my assumption that this was all one big mistake. I mean, it would have to take a pretty terrible person to see a body collapsed on the ground, step over it, put letters in the mailbox, then say absolutely nothing about it. Our society isn't that morally bankrupt yet, is it?

If you ask Hedy Porch, it might be. She says when her brother-in-law found Dale's body an hour after the mail had been delivered, Dale was still warm. Perhaps had the carrier done something when he encountered the body, there could've been time to save him.

Dale had been dropped off shortly before after working the graveyard shift. He was 46 and the family is awaiting autopsy reports.

The mail carrier, on the other hand, will probably never look at Halloween decorations the same again.

Do you think this sounds like a mistake ... or intentional?

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amber... amberdotsmom

Mistake, just a tragic mistake

Venae Venae

And there's no law that says you have to render aid.  Just sayin'.

Midni... Midnite00

Please he could have been passed out drunk and if he tried to "help" he could be attacked..... I would have just walked by him too... 

pupuk... pupukeawahine

I probably would've nudged him with my foot to see if he was still alive.  No movement? Get the hell outta there & call 911.


How does Hedy know what the mailman saw?What was Hedy doing?


Why didn't the wife try to save her husband if his life was so important something don't add up.

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

This poor guy shouldn't be punished for what was a tragic misunderstanding. Have you ever seen some of the Halloween decorations they have out there? Some look really realistic and I doubt that the guy looked closely at it either. He probably just walked past it, did his job and then walked past it again. 
That wife is grieving, but she has no right to make this guy feel badly about it. 

pupuk... pupukeawahine

It's kind of weird this Porch dude died on his porch.

Adored45 Adored45

I'm surprised the mailman was not given an award by the postmaster for getting his route done in a timely manner despite having troublesome the way......

3xangel 3xangel

Hedy is taking her sadness and anger out on the wrong person. Sorry for her loss, but it's not the mail man's fault.

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