Waffle Chain CEO Accused of Forcing Employee to Perform Sex Acts to Keep Her Job

Waffle HouseIf there were Waffle House restaurants in my area, I'd be boycotting them over this one. The former assistant to the CEO of Waffle House is accusing her old boss of forcing her to perform sexual acts to keep her job. For nearly a decade.

The complaint filed with the Atlanta Police alleges that the employee was sexually harassed by Waffle House CEO Joseph Rogers Jr. from 2003 through June of this year. It alleges that in addition to trying to force her to have sex, the accused "touched her breasts, tried to remove her clothes, made lewd comments, and insisted she perform sex acts on him at least once or twice a month." Um, NOT OKAY. And it gets worse.

The 43-year-old woman identified herself as a single mother, and she said she stayed in the job after her husband left her and she couldn't find another job with a comparable salary. She finally resigned in June after her son was awarded a full scholarship to college.

So, basically, this woman was a single mom working to raise her son and hopefully get him to college, and all the while her boss was taking advantage of -- no, abusing -- her desperation. What kind of man treats women like this? 

According to Rogers' lawyer, "his version of events is much different than hers." Well, that's shocking. He didn't immediately confess to intimidating and sexually harassing his assistant for a decade.

As this all gets hashed out in court, my heart goes out to this woman. It's awful that there are men out there who will use a mother's love and desire to provide for her kids as a weapon against her and force her into degrading, demeaning sex acts. So that her kids don't starve.

Would you have endured this kind of harassment to provide for your kids?


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nonmember avatar Sarah

A decade, really? How sad. No job ever came up in 03,04 when the economy was doing really well? I don't know if I fully buy it, but she will probably get a big pay day!

LynBoz LynBoz

Why do we assume she's telling the truth and not him? I don't believe that she would stay in hat job for a decade without telling anyone. The timing is a little to convinent as well, she resigned right after her son was awarded a scholarship and now she's looking for a big payday.

Venae Venae

Bullshit.  If you think no one will believe you, you carry a tape recorder.  This chick is full of it.

And you would boycott the entire chain because of one dude?  So punish people who had nothing to do w/this - as in waiters/waitresses/cooks/owners?  You're a moron.

bills... billsfan1104

I smell bullshit on this. Why are you so ready to believe what she said as gospel? Dont you find this suspect that she quits after 10 years of supposed abuse. If she has any of this on tape, then I will apologize.

tuffy... tuffymama

Just what Venae said. Unless she was an immigrant and spoke no English, and was kept in a dungeon, I call bullshit.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

yeah. I agree with everyone else on this. a decade, really? Im sure she couldve found another job. Maybe one not making as much money, but if youre being forced to perform sexual acts, taking a paycut is worth it!

Stephen Dalena

I"ll have what he's having.  And put some whipped cream on it.

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