Sore Losers Protesting Obama in the South Are Embarrassing That Region

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I get that those who didn't vote for Barack Obama are disappointed -- even angry -- that Mitt Romney lost. But making yourself look like a racist asshole doesn't exactly make your party look good. On election night, when Obama won, I saw some hateful things in my Facebook feed, like the friend from the South who went on about Obama and the "Muslim Brotherhood." (Oh puhleeeeeze.) A research group laid out a map of racist tweets -- some calling the president "monkey" and crap like that -- and they mostly came from the Southeast. And on election night, the University of Mississippi held a candlelight vigil for the loss of the presidency, in which 400 students "mourned," and reportedly racial slurs were hurled. The same night, about 40 students at a school in Virginia reportedly threw bottles and racial epithets outside of the minority student union. A Texas GOP official called Obama-voters "maggots." Southerners, listen up, you're beginning to look disgusting.

Luckily, there are many in the South who abhor this kind of BS, and the night after the election night protests at Ole Miss, even more students showed up in a counterprotest, wanting "respect and dignity" for everyone (even Obama!).

If you don't like Obama's policies, hey, power to you. If you disagree with his stances, I agree with your right to disagree. But when you bring in nasty racist comments, calling our president things I can't even repeat here, then you are just proving one thing -- that whatever party and policies you support should never make it to our highest office ever again. Because those of us who are educated, intelligent, and tolerant of other races, religions, and beliefs are NEVER going back to that time when this country was not about that. Got it?

More than half the country wasn't happy when Bush won (Al Gore had the popular vote, 'memba?!). And yet I don't recall Democrats hurling this kind of vitriol at the man who took office. That was certainly a much closer election -- and with much more sketchy results. Yet, I was very proud when, as a country, we all pulled together and said, "This is about America. Americans. Not Democrat or Republican." And it's certainly NOT about black and white. Those who want to make it that way will always lose. Always.

Enlightenment, compassion, intelligence, tolerance, and understanding always win out over fear, bigotry, racism, oppression, and all general bullshit. To those in the South who are embarrassed by this kind of nonsense: I'm embarrassed with you. To those who are not, you've lost. And you'll continue to lose -- because you're just doomed to be an angry, bitter, hard-hearted person. In other words, a big loser.

What do you think of the racism in this election?


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coupo... coupon_ash_back

I don't understand the ignorance. Plus Obama is half white so you are hating him for being black, you are hating half of yourself.

KWnav... KWnavywife

You know, I find it very funny (as in sad) that the type of behaviour was widely accepted when it came to Bush, but oh dear lord, no one better say a harsh word about "our" President, now!! 

nonmember avatar April

KWnavywife- I don't remember this sort of stuff when Bush won. I was NOT a bush supporter. But I don't remember the threats to riot, I don't remember anyone attacking Bush for his race? I don't remember the sheer NASTINESS that I am seeing today. Perhaps you can refresh my memory? I have seen some truly disgusting things said about Obama. Things that no decent person should allow to come out of their mouths.

nonmember avatar KWnavywife

Aside from the many (sometimes undeserved) knocks at Bush for his less than spectacular way with words or his controversial policies that ended him at the lowest approval rating since Nixon, I don't recall so much negativity said so openly by so many about Bush. I also don't recall him being the subject of such racism or having his right to the presidency (recount debacle aside) questioned. I hold no ill will to those rationally opposed to Obama's policy (let's agree to to disagree and let the majority decide), but the examples like this one in the article go way beyond policy disagreements, it's blind hate fueled by undertones of racism. Our president is not white, get over it.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

This is no more embarrassing than the some of the populace who belives Obama is a hero...

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Just to clarify, I don't condone this behavior nor do I condone those who believe that Obama is nothing short of the next Jesus. It's understandable the people are angry that Mitt Romney lost as this will greatly affect the path this nation will take in the years to come. However, as Americans, it's our duty to try and improve this country in every way we can. We can be mad for a little, but ultimately this sort of behavior from both sides doesn't do any good.

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

This is embarrassing to the south.  I am not happy that Obama won but this kind of behavior IS wrong.  It's stunts like this that make the left think that anyone who doesn't agree with Obama's policies is a racist.  Not all Conservatives think this kind of behavior is acceptable.

mrsjonzy mrsjonzy

Please nobody would care if it was a white dude. This is garbage and you should really be ashamed of this post. It's only racist becuase he's black. Monkey, that shouldn't offend anyone, if does you're an over senestive idiot. They said the same thing about bush. Plus political canidates have been compared to all kind of animals, or depicted as them in political cartoons. There were many depictions of bush as a monkey, but that's not offensive. Stupid, tolerance is ignorance is breeds over sensitivity.

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

The comments about Bush were so offensive that I can't even repeat them.  And there were hundreds.  And if you think the left didn't threaten to riot go look it up on Twitter.  People were threatening to kill Romney, kill all of the white people and their "cracker" babies, and rape Romney's wife.  Both sides, whether extreme right OR left, have said the most sickening things!!  People this is terrible!

mrsjonzy mrsjonzy

Oh and we talk crap about every religion, how many people say ugly things about Mormons, Christians, Jews, pagens and all of the sudden it's racist if its Muslims. Please, this is such garbage. I have heard uglier things said about Christians on this site alone, than all other religions combined, but that doesn't fire up your racisit panties.

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