President Obama Earned His Re-Election

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barack obamaIt's been over a week since President Obama won re-election and some Republicans are still unable to accept the win with honor and respect. They're apparently suffering from post election shock and have resorted themselves to unpatriotic, racists tantrums.

Since my candidate won, I thought that I would be spending the following days happy for our victory. While I had moments of joy and excitement at Obama's win, and the progress we can now  make these next four years, I find myself increasingly saddened by what I have witnessed from my fellow Americans.  

Within minutes after President Obama was declared a winner on election night, angry Facebook posts and tweets starting flying through social media streams.  Statements varied from subtly racist to downright racist and then just completely ignorant.  People were fast to react as "friends" unfriended each other and ugly tweets were retweeted by the tens of thousands.   


The ugliness did not limit itself to social media, however. A dispute amongst students broke out at the University of Mississippi that started after students began making racists statements. Where I live in Duval county, a key battle ground county in Florida, the air felt awkward and tense all around me. I heard several remarks here and there but what probably upset me the most was what one of my friends told me on Wednesday evening.  A teacher at our children's school told her elementary grade class Wednesday morning that she was "sad for our country and would pray for America."  While she is free to have her own opinion, she is certainly not free to spread her message to young, impressionable children.  

I truly hope that statements like that of the teacher, and others, do not reflect who we really are as a nation. At a time when we should use this opportunity to focus on working together, some people are choosing to divide us further.  Right now, we should be celebrating that a record number of citizens exercised their right to vote and a victory for a winner was declared. 

To everyone spending this week hating, angry, or upset, I encourage them to take a moment to reflect upon their own actions and upon what Mitt Romney said during his concession speech:

This is a time of great challenges for America, and I pray that the President will be successful in guiding our nation. [...]  At a time like this, we can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people’s work. And we citizens also have to rise to the occasion. We look to our teachers and professors, we count on you not just to teach, but to inspire our children with a passion for learning and discovery.

Let's stop the bickering and posturing, America, and let's move forward these next four years. 

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NatAndCo NatAndCo

You know what would help us move forward? Is people would stop writing blogs bringing it up. I voted for the guy and I'm tired of reading the same reworked info over and over from toy guys. Yes he won. Both sides need to get over it.

gem09... gem092011

Oh, yes.  I forgot how the Dems accepted GWB's win with honor and respect.  Four years (and then some!) of honor and respect, if I recall correctly.   

Just because I am sad, upset, angry, and scared for our future that Obama won doesn't make me a dishonrable racist.  Seriously.  Get over yourself. 

IKnow... IKnow0101

I believe the author is speaking on those who can't accept it and are being a bad example to everyone.  They know who they are and if you are not that person then it doesn't pertain to you.  There are those who voice their displeasure by using words that are not fit to repeat.

mustb... mustbeGRACE


Is that unfit to repeat?

OKgirl OKgirl

I didn't vote for Obama. I voiced my displeasure on Facebook. I'm not a racist, as your article implies. In fact, I'm a minority myself. People can think he sucks as a commander in chief without basing it on skin color.

bills... billsfan1104

OMG. Another one. You know what? Dont tell me that I have no right to bitch about this president. Because that is what you are really saying. You are telling people to shut up with and Move "forward". How are we suppose to move forward when every single time you and many other democrats, scream racism and tell us to shut it?

guess what, thousands of people are losing their jobs, health insurance rates are going up, the president covering up Benghazi. Do I need to say more???

And I laugh about you demanding respect. You still havent gotten over the 2000 election and have been disrespectful to Bush since then and that is most of you democrats.

miche... micheledo

Honestly, I think in general, we have become nastier and uglier and more rude and unkind.  It would have been no different if Romney had won. 

I'm very disappointed that Obama will be president the next four years and I dread the debt that is going to be piled upon and how that will effect ALL of us (maybe not in the next four years, but it will come).

nonmember avatar MO Mom

Enough with the political articles. The election is OVER. All this is doing is causing people to bicker. You ARE NOT going to change people's minds. If someone doesn't like Obama, they are not going to change their minds after reading this article. This is getting ridiculous and I think I'm through with this site. Life is too short to be caught up in all this negativity.

nonmember avatar cxd

lmao!! i agree with the blogger & believe Obamas election spiraled around racism more than anything else, yet also agree with u commenters that this topic is over discussed. but truth is that its hilarious how so many of u republicans are so afraid of the next 4yrs cause of all the debt, job lose blah blah blah but said not one ill word of Bush who started a pointless war & murdered millions of fathers sons brothers. started this ridiculous debt that your so afraid of and under his term there was a starting increase in job loss, job freezes, freightening rate in foreclosures & a recession that was leading to a DEPRESSION. you have to spend money to earn money ECO101. u cant just inherit a debt & clear it up without spending more money duh! at least people are able to get their homes back, husbands fathers sons are coming home, there are JOBS available though few. the positive results he made towards this economy are downplayed cause of his race. we mention this cause everytime you turn on the news or buy a paper they mention this too.

miche... micheledo

cxd - clearly you have no idea how to get out of debt.  You do NOT spend more money to get out of debt.  That only puts you into a deeper hole.

For the record - I was NOT happy at Bush's bailouts and how he increased the debt.  But Obama has dug his own pit.  His spending in ONE year far exceeded Bush's last FOUR years.  This is no longer Bush's fault.  If Obama had not increased the debt, then I would completely blame Bush. 

I don't believe Obama has any intention of stopping the spending sprees.  I could be wrong, but I guess we will see.

And, if the idea that you have to spend to get out of debt is believed by most Americans - no wonder we have so many poor and in debt people.

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