Gay Couple Get Engaged on Election Night & Show Us What 'Change' Really Looks Like

engagement ringYou already know that Tuesday night was a HUGE night for America. And while there are some who are disappointed with the results of the election, there are just as many or more whose lives have been changed forever in an incredible way by major ballot initiatives that passed in a handful of states and by President Obama's re-election. Like Rowan Ha and her longtime girlfriend, Keesha Patterson.

The couple was lucky enough to be present at the president’s victory party in Chicago, surrounded by thousands of people when the results came in that Maryland voters had passed same-sex marriage legislation. And that's when Keesha dropped to one knee and asked Rowan to marry her!

Of the moment, Keesha told The Daily News:

I took a huge breath, went down on one knee and reached into my bag. She just said, "No you’re not. No you’re not."

But she was! And of course Rowan, her S.O. of 11 years, said "YES!" It was a magical amazing moment not just for the couple ... and not just for Maryland (where they live and will be able to get married as of January 1), but for the whole country. Because what happened here between this blissfully in love couple show just how immediate and momentous the change we're seeing in this country truly is.

Republicans LOVE to accuse Obama and the left of being all talk, no action, but seeing more and more people finally be able to marry the person they love is nothing short of apparent action -- not to mention real progress. Maryland's new law -- and by extension, Rowan and Keesha's engagement -- is just one example of how Obama's leadership and moves on gay/human rights have made for a fantastic snowball effect, ensuring more civil rights on the state and national level.

We're really are moving forward. But there's still more work to be done. As Keesha clarified, "It's not gay marriage; it's marriage. Hopefully, one day it's just marriage." With the leadership and direction we seem to be moving in after this election, I really believe we will get to that "one day" sooner rather than later.

How awesome is this proposal? Do you feel like we're moving in the right direction on civil rights?

Image via meemal/Flickr

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dirti... dirtiekittie

congrats to the happy couple! i wish them the best.

and i agree with what Keesha said - "it's not gay marriage. hopefully someday it's just marriage."

well said.

CRmom... CRmommie-2

I think this is GREAT! Finally a step forward! :)

leona24 leona24

I just threw up in my mouth

nonmember avatar krelia

I think we need to stop making a big deal about every gay couple that get engaged and then maybe people will be more open to the concept. Change like this is hard to accomplish when it is shoved in our faces. Gays aren't special, they are normal people.

nonmember avatar MO Mom

Yes I believe we are moving forward. However with people like leona 24 in the world we still have a long way to go.

dirti... dirtiekittie

@krelia - i don't consider it 'making a big deal out of every gay engagement'... i consider ANYONE getting engaged and taking a step towards a lifelong, loving commitment deserves congratulations - gay or straight. if it had been a straight couple that got engaged at the campaign party, i'd congratulate them too! marriage is awesome!

nonmember avatar Me

I think this is awesome and wish congratulations to the happy couple. However, let's give the credit to the people of MD and not Obama. It's only been a few months since he decided he was pro-gay marriage and that's about all he has done on that front. This victory does not go to him, but to the voters in MD.

nonmember avatar Insanewife98

I think other important things should come first

nonmember avatar Insanewife98

Adam and Eve not Adam and steve

moose... mooselegion

It does seem to be an in your face article. I respect the rights of couples(Gay or straight) to engage and marry as they see fit. I also respect the rights of people who have a belief system that tells them it's wrong. Rubbing victories in each others faces won't change any one's mind.

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