Krim Family Grandmother Calls Nanny Killings 'Horror Show'

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Ever since we learned about the unimaginable tragedy that befell the Krim family when their nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, allegedly stabbed two of their young children to death, the question we've all wanted the answer to is Why? We've had some serious clues, but we may never know exactly what was going through Ortega's mind. But one thing I've also been thinking about is, how do you recover from something like this? Can you recover? Can you go on to have a somewhat happy life? Is it even possible? The children's grandmother recently spoke out for the very first time about the impact this unspeakable crime has had on the family.

Lucia and Leo Krim's paternal grandmother, mother of the children's father, CNBC executive Kevin Krim, recently spoke to RadarOnline about how they're doing. She said:

It's just a horror story. I was their grandmother. It is really horrible. Under the circumstances, we are all doing as well as can be expected.

How do you go on? Many people lose their children. It's pretty rare that a child is lost under such horrific circumstances -- but any loss of a child is tragic. But when it's like this, this terrible, and if you are mother Marina Krim, and you SAW all of this -- how, how do you go on? You have to, especially if you have a surviving child, as Marina and Kevin do in 3-year-old Nessie.

But I think we'd all like to have some semblance of a fulfilling life, considering that, so far as we know for sure, it's the only one we're given. How do you laugh again? How do you enjoy little things again? How do you have fun with your spouse and child again? How do you hold a new child in your arms again? How do you feel safe again with people? How do you trust? How, how, how?

One can really only imagine the absolute mental anguish. Support systems of friends, family, and spiritual or emotional advisers or therapists must be vital. The love of your spouse and child. The concern of strangers -- because we're all human. And, of course, time.

Last night I watched a TV show about a military man whose wife and two young children were stabbed to death for no reason by a man who'd recently adopted their dog. This was real -- not a fiction show. Over 20 years later, the man was still sad. But he'd managed to move on. He had his life.

Hopefully, someday, the Krim family will know what it is to feel some semblance of normalcy again.

What does it take to recover from a tragedy like this?

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cmjaz cmjaz

Please don't use the word 'allegedly'. She did it. There is no doubt whatsoever

dirti... dirtiekittie

i second @cmjaz's comment. there's no allegedly on this one - she did it.

that said, i don't know that i could recover. i would do everything in my power to live life for my spouse and remaining child... but really, i don't even want to think about it. my heart is completely broken for the Krim family. i hope they find support, love and peace for their family.

nonmember avatar mamab

This story is so horribly sad. This family will have to live the rest of their lives without their children, every birthday, every holiday and unfortunately the day they were brutally taken away from them. I honestly well up every time I think about it, it's disturbing to me. The little girl is the same age as my daughter and the son had the same birthday as my son. I just look at that family and see the happiness and to know that the rest of their lives they will be haunted by the actions of this monster breaks my heart. I hope that they can find peace and can move on, but seriously the loss they have had is something that is so awful I'm not sure how they can. I feel so badly for them, it really breaks my heart.

bills... billsfan1104

I think you need to change you title. She hasn't been convicted yet. And I dont want people getting in trouble.

Blaize Milagros Fisher

I have two boys, 2 years and 10 months old and when I heard the bad news on tv I cried like if they were mine, I went to hold my 2 boys and cried. I don't think that I will ever recover from such horror specially if I saw my babies in the bath tub.... Oh my God I pray for the Krim family.

adkny... adknykate

I don't think you ever recover from a tragedy like this. I would think that it changes everything about your life, your beliefs and what you thought your life was going to be.

But, it seems like the people who are able to go on and build a new life do so by helping other people. They take something so horrible and try to channel their anger and grief into a cause, scholarships or charities that honor what they have lost. They work to change laws.

For instance, John Walsh's son was murdered many years ago and he turned his anger and grief into finding other missing children. I've read quite a few stories of people who have lost children and then go on to do amazing things in remembrance of their murdered children.

I always find these stories so inspiring - especially because I don't think I could be that brave.

Margarita Trevino

What does it take to recover?I learned to try and go on for the rest of my children.One Day At A Time..Heard of this song? go to you tube...listen to this song.

I've learned to put on a smile..look happy.But really inside it's still there..the hurt ..the loss..missing of your baby.But I learned to be strong and go on or I lose it go crazy ..we have a choice ..I chose to ask God to help me ,give me strenght courage to go on.But I've never understood ...

Another words

 I have my good days and my bad days..We're human and we feel the hurt of our loss.But I'm happy sometime.sometimes I'm sad.

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