Mitt Romney's 'Victory' Website Offers a Frightening Glimpse of the Presidency That Never Was

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney is the king of blind ambition. It may be bad form to kick a guy when he's down, but this is an important moment of self reflection for the Republican party. Romney's "transition website" was released to the public yesterday showing us an alternate world where Romney became the president-elect Tuesday night. Shiver.

The website in itself isn't so offensive as the notion itself. Romney was truly unprepared to lose, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The Right truly fooled itself for the last few weeks, believing victory was the only option. Romney is rumored to have only prepared a victory speech. Concession wasn't an option.

Until it was. The fact is Romney wasn't "narrowly beaten." He was shellacked. The entire Republican party was shellacked. On his website he said:

I'm excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work in America.

Guess what: Americans didn't buy it. As a resident of Massachusetts I can unequivocally say that Mitt the governor wasn't the same person as Mitt the presidential candidate. Maybe if he'd stuck with his core (or even had one), he would have done better. But the American people saw through him and that's what makes me so proud of this country.

Tuesday night was a huge victory for love. Same-sex marriage referendums were on the ballot in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota. So far it did well in three of them and Washington was looking good. Amazing. It was a huge victory for women and minorities and everyone who makes this country such an amazing melting pot.

It wasn't a victory for the Mitt Romneys of the world. And whether you know it or not, that's a good thing for all of us. This country needs to evolve. It needs to change. Open minds are a beautiful thing. Acceptance and rainbow colors are what makes countries strong. That's where we are headed.

Old Mr. Rich Blind Ambition had to go. His victory website is a sad testament to a presidency that would have put us back in 1950. But Americans saw through his anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-poor rhetoric. They saw him for the opportunistic cynic that he really is, a man who set his sights on the presidency and didn't care what he had to say to get there.

America saw through that. His loss is proof that this country is great and that democracy works, and his "victory website"? Is like a sad relic from 1952. If they'd had the Internet.

Do you understand why Mitt lost?


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nonmember avatar anonguest

Yes I understand why he lost. I also understand it is people like you who are the ones dividing our country....ever heard of not kicking someone when they are down? And what is so shocking about him saying he wanted to put America back to work? My out of work friends and family who desperately need and want jobs were fully behind that message. And love is great but it's kinda hard to survive on love....

nonmember avatar Tom

Simply put, the takers outnumber the makers.

4 more years of Idiocracy to look forward to now. America missed a wonderful opportunity Tuesday.

talaricg talaricg

Do you actually think that any candidate since the Internet became a thing would have done differently?? It takes weeks to build a site. It's just a logical thought process to have 2 versions of the site ready for whatever outcome might occur. Jeez, Obama won... Let's finally call the dogs off Mitt, k?

missusmc missusmc

Enough with the Romney bashing. You're wrong in your assessment that the race wasn't close- electoral college-wise, it wasn't close, but the popular vote was close. Many people did vote Romney, including many who read this site. Perhaps the gloating should end. Btw, if Romney had won and was unprepared and without a website, I would imagine you would have a few words about that. Perhaps you should just back off, since you clearly hate the man. You won. Move on.

bills... billsfan1104

Damn it. You fricking won. Give it a rest. The Republican party and Mitt wasnt shalacked. We are still divided. The house remains the same. The Senate remains the same. And we have a President who gives a great speech about working together and then does the opposite. Liberals are being sore winners right now and its sad.

bills... billsfan1104

When are you going to report on how Chris Matthews was happy for Hurricane Sandy and then when he apologized he kept calling it a tropical storm and blamed it on being tired?

purvi... purvislets

Shellacked?  I wouldn't claim that.  He won by just about 2% of the popular vote.  The electoral college vote always makes it look more one sided than it is no matter who wins.  This was a close vote with nearly 49% of Americans NOT voting for Obama.  Yes, he won, but it was not the huge beatdown that so many are touting.  The people have spoken and we are almost equally divided.

If you want to know what a "shellacking" looks like, take a look at the votes for Reagan during the 1984 election against Mondale.  He won by a margin of over 17 million popular votes and 512 electoral votes.  

Cynthia Parten

Yes, bashing Romney because he thought he would win. Makes sense. And I'm sure if Obama had lost, he would be just as shocked, but I am sure you wouldn't bash him for that. If your side won, why can't that be enough? 

nonmember avatar Gretta

Uhm didn't 48% of the voters vote for Gov Romney? That's a lot of people....!! So I wouldn't be too quick to claim "America" is totally behind what you are saying.

Nicole Jordan

The reason Obama won was because the people who voted for him believe in him. The people who voted for Romney didn't believe in him, they just didn't like Obama. See the difference?

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