Mitt Romney's 'Victory' Website Offers a Frightening Glimpse of the Presidency That Never Was

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Mitt RomneyMitt Romney is the king of blind ambition. It may be bad form to kick a guy when he's down, but this is an important moment of self reflection for the Republican party. Romney's "transition website" was released to the public yesterday showing us an alternate world where Romney became the president-elect Tuesday night. Shiver.

The website in itself isn't so offensive as the notion itself. Romney was truly unprepared to lose, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The Right truly fooled itself for the last few weeks, believing victory was the only option. Romney is rumored to have only prepared a victory speech. Concession wasn't an option.

Until it was. The fact is Romney wasn't "narrowly beaten." He was shellacked. The entire Republican party was shellacked. On his website he said:

I'm excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work in America.

Guess what: Americans didn't buy it. As a resident of Massachusetts I can unequivocally say that Mitt the governor wasn't the same person as Mitt the presidential candidate. Maybe if he'd stuck with his core (or even had one), he would have done better. But the American people saw through him and that's what makes me so proud of this country.

Tuesday night was a huge victory for love. Same-sex marriage referendums were on the ballot in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota. So far it did well in three of them and Washington was looking good. Amazing. It was a huge victory for women and minorities and everyone who makes this country such an amazing melting pot.

It wasn't a victory for the Mitt Romneys of the world. And whether you know it or not, that's a good thing for all of us. This country needs to evolve. It needs to change. Open minds are a beautiful thing. Acceptance and rainbow colors are what makes countries strong. That's where we are headed.

Old Mr. Rich Blind Ambition had to go. His victory website is a sad testament to a presidency that would have put us back in 1950. But Americans saw through his anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-poor rhetoric. They saw him for the opportunistic cynic that he really is, a man who set his sights on the presidency and didn't care what he had to say to get there.

America saw through that. His loss is proof that this country is great and that democracy works, and his "victory website"? Is like a sad relic from 1952. If they'd had the Internet.

Do you understand why Mitt lost?


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Jeff Coil

This is one of the most pathetic articles I have ever read.  You claim that Romney had no chance, that the Republicans were fooling themselves?  How ignorant can you get?  Did you see the pre-election poles?  Most had Romney UP OVER OBAMA.  The ones that didn't were dead heats or slight Obama leads.

Obama actually won by manipulating the electorate with a clever internent-based system (read the story over on technews).  He was able to get just enough votes (using uniformed college idiots) in just the right areas to win the electoral vote.  That is how he gained so wide an electoral college lead with just a 2% lead in the popular vote.



Paul Stephens

Just read your article, and all I can say is 'Wow!'. You are living in a different planet than I am. I see unemployment. I see the number of people on welfare rising. I see businesses going under. I see taxes and spending rising.

I think people voted for Mr. Obama because they want a handout, and he's just the man to do it!

If Romney was prepared for a victory and lost, so what? And as for taking us back to 1950? That would be great! More jobs, more money, fewer people on welfare. Those were the days!

nonmember avatar Boogyman

I love how this website points out how Romney is anti Choice. What is Anti Choice? It is PRO MURDER of innocent children. Glad to see where your morals lay Sahsha. I am happy to see how you represent those who are willing to MURDER innocent children and just tag a little name on it. Do you have a soul? Have you ever looked at a small child and thought about how beautiful that child is? Or how wonderful the laughter is from playing children? or How it brings tears to your eyes from watching children play and discover. Or does it bring a joy for you to suck their brains out of their little helpless bodies trying to grow? Oh yeah, the devil is in your soul. Someday you may grow up and see your foolishness. On top of that, Romney was not the perfect answer, but he was going in the direction to save this nation from a hole that we may never get out of. Glad your happy that Americas will be tax pay slaves to the politicians so the politicians can abuse them to feed their voting welfare slaves! SLAVERY is in Style! And on that note, i no longer give money to Red Cross, Catholic Church, Salvation Army or any food kitchens. They want my money go ask obamumer for it. He is the one with men with guns pointed at my head forcing me to pay 45% of my salary in taxes to fund his SLAVERY programs!

nonmember avatar Harry1018

Comeon Mitt supporter, if you get beaten while the economy is so bad and unemployment so high. Mitt and his running mate both got beaten in their state, then what do you call this. It was 'shellacking' by all means

nonmember avatar Paul Edinger

Just 320,000 votes for Romney instead of Obama in just 4 key states and America would now be rapidly recovering again compared to this horrid glide path to ruin. How sad!

nonmember avatar Bpseudomallei

The really fun bit of schadenfreud here is that the markets thought Romney was a shoein as well. Looking at economic indicators leading up to the election there was a rise that immediately fell the day after the election. Of course if looking at economic indicators was a thing for 51% of the country(quite the shellacking I'm sure) then we wouldn't be in this mess anyway.

Craig Ankney

Jesus coundn't have beaten Obama!!!

nonmember avatar Regina

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