University of Mississippi Anti-Obama 'Riot' Was Pathetic (VIDEO)

University of MississippiDon't you love it went ignorant, hateful people make total asses out of themselves? Me too, which is why instead of feeling shock and outrage at the anti-Obama "riot" that broke out early this morning at the University of Mississippi, I almost just want laugh instead because it was so pathetic on so many levels.

According to reports, after the election results were in, anti-Obama sentiments started spreading online, and soon there were rumors of a riot. So shortly before midnight somewhere between 300-400 students gathered to see what went down. But it seems like there wasn't much to see.

While there were some reports of racial slurs, and an Obama sign may have been lit on fire, it was far from a riot. It was more like a bunch of smoke from a small group of kids showing their ignorance. In an article titled, "Ole Miss Students Weren't Very Good at Rioting Over Obama," The Atlantic broke down what really happened:

" ... judging by the raw video of the incident it seems more like a few drunk college students acting like idiots alongside even more kids who just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Twitter user @BIGSMOOV012 posted a picture of a "riot breaking out," but it mostly just looks like a bunch of kids standing harmlessly on a street corner."

It just goes to show how people can talk so big online but when it comes to taking action, they're actually big cowards. Their pathetic "riot" was almost as sad as the ignorance of racists and the appetite of the general public to turn something small into a full-blown "riot".

Perhaps saddest of all is the fact that with such a tarnished history when it comes to race relations (it was just over 50 years ago that violent riots broke out over the enrollment of the university's first black student), the University of Mississippi is now tarnished once again for actions of these few stupid students who can't even riot well.

What do you think of the University of Mississippi "riots"?


Image via YouTube


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

"Don't you love it went ignorant, hateful people make total asses out of themselves?"

When putting others down and calling them ignorant, it is best to make sure that you actually spell your words correctly. Otherwise it is difficult to take whatever you (an author) have to say seriously.

Bruic... Bruickson

I've lived my entire life on the Mississippi gulf coast and I just want to clarify that we are not a bunch of racist rednecks here. I hate when headlines like this make all Mississipians look bad. I'm not an Obama fan but it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I watched the video and it definitely didn't look like a riot to me. If its true that racial slurs were being used I hope that people will be smart enough to realize that the opinion of some drunk college kids does not reflect the entire state.

Kayla... Kayla060812

The girl that recorded this video needs to learn grammer. And get a better camera cause i could bqrely see anything

IKnow... IKnow0101

Don't worry Bruickson.  I make it a point to never characterize a group of people based off a few idiots.  I wish other people would do the same.  However a pet peeve of mine is when people point out the grammar  errors of others that may accidentally use a different word than intended.  Sometimes when we proof reading and spell checking we can miss things because we are human.  Pointed in out is very pathetic and childish.

nonmember avatar HS

Regardless of the severity of THIS riot, it's still a dangerous action. It can be the kindle that starts a fire. It needs to be taken seriously because white folks in this country are so terrified of a black man in office that any little spark could set them off. (SN: I'm white but I get it)

leona24 leona24

If they were rioting gay rights you would be supporting it though.... such hypocrites

nonmember avatar chillibean

@Kayla060812 - Your comment made me laugh out loud. "Grammer" and "bqrely." Oh, the irony. Too funny!

nonmember avatar SEN

I still have yet to hear any racial slurs? Can someone tell me at what point in the 3 minute clip they heard a slur?

nonmember avatar gwen

i agree that this ignorant, racist behavior of college students no doubt had their racist parents approval is awful. when its all said and done "PRESIDENT OBAMA is still the 44 th president of thses us states of america. i say let them burn anything they want burn a building down if they want, president obama is still the president . white folks man up and stop being so hellish cause burning in hell is the bed you made. i wonder how ya'll gone feel burning in hell youself. i really want you white hyprocrites to know that God is real and certainly not pleased with your stupid a@@es. live good now cause you will never see heaven. umwar fools.

nonmember avatar fat

you did not hear racial slurs cause you chose not to. ole ms need to be made to recitify this ordeal or a federal investigation need to be lunched. you don't want our black students at ole ms but you want the federal funds that come with them. all you so idiots that had half of a brain burning signs and showing your true color probably buying grades to get thru school. you showed how illerate you were by boldly be "Ignorant and beligerant" when you look back 40 years from now and your sons and daughters bring home one of those slurring words for a bride or groom lets see how quick you burn your house down or burn the marriage license, hahahahahah so lame and stupid. we are here to stay and we are who God say we are not what you think we are. now put those pitful brains together and try to pay back all that money you rebublican pd to trry to by the "white" house, news flash it's mixed now!

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