Here's Hoping the Republicans Learned a Lesson About Social Issues

pro-life t-shirtOh, well. I was hoping for a hanging chad controversy or some other indication that the 2012 election wasn't truly over. Some fluke by which Romney wins the popular vote and the Electoral College is turned on its head. The truth is it was over fairly early. Far earlier than anyone thought it would be. And as close as Mitt Romney got to the White House, at the end of the day, he never got close enough to the voters to oust President Barack Obama. 

I don't know what happened.

I do know I was at the bank yesterday talking to a millennial or young woman in her 20s who had voted for Obama and was voting for Romney. Another gal at the coffee shop said the same thing. Then I went to get my hair done and the stylist, who is gay, told me he won't ever vote for a Republican as long as they are anti-civil union. He said he just got engaged and that he and a partner want to have a child using a surrogate or in vitro. My little sister, who lives in Virginia and admitted to me that she knew the economy would get better under Romney, voted for Obama because of women's issues. Folks, if there is a theme here it is that the Republicans are going to have to back off on social issues if they want to stop alienating voters who would otherwise vote for them. I might have voted for Todd Akin because Claire McCaskill was so closely aligned with Obama for much of his tenure but then he made that "legitimate rape" comment and I couldn't vote in that race at all.

We can't ignore what needs to happen and I wish I trusted the Democrats to do it. Our country needs to stop in its tracks financially and reassess. We can't afford the programs we're creating and we can't leave the financial legacy we've created, a 16-trillion-dollar deficit, to our kids. If there was ever a time that voters might have heard that message, I thought it would surely be the year that we all watch the economy limping along.  People are seriously hurting and yet, the enormity and importance of our financial future seemed to elude them.

We can do better and we will. Voters ultimately came down on the side of healthcare reform and social issues. But I also think they were kind of ticked off at Congressional Republicans who they blamed for much of the partisan bickering. It's time for moderate Republicans to raise their hands and let their presence be known so that a moderate like the Mitt Romney can get nominated. That Romney would have had a lot of crossover appeal to the socially liberal voters. I don't blame Romney for changing his mind or for having positions that evolved over time. And I do believe the Romney that ran this race is still the same person but the process has made it too difficult for a reasonable Republican to punch through. And that he wasn't as concerned about social issues because he was so committed to reversing our economy.

I watched the returns with an interesting group last night. Some wore blue and voted blue; others were red and voted accordingly.

I voted for Romney but I wore maroon. I think it's where most Americans are and it is going to be in the middle that true progress comes. Now I just hope the Democrats are willing to work with the Republicans and that they don't view last night's victory as a reason to keep spending.  And I hope the Republican realize change is afoot and that social issues do not belong on the party's platform. As the stylist said yesterday, no one is going to vote for a party that hates them.


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Excellent article Christine, as usual.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I see it as needing to move the party to a more "libertarian/conservative" platform. Libertarian when it comes to social issues, conservative when it comes to financial issues.

Libertarians are very 'hands-off' when it comes to government. That's how most social issues should be. Gay Marriage, for example, should be legal. Further, if someone chooses not to marry a gay couple, that should be fine. There are plenty of other places that will do the deed, and probably more beautifully and enthusiastically than someone doing it with a government boot on their throat.

But financially? We need to be EXTREMELY conservative. Stop with the subsidies already, from PBS and Planned Parenthood to Ethanol and Farms. If a product or an industry cannot stand on its own in the free market, then it should die. And that goes for banks and car manufacturers as well. Tax money should go to the military ("to provide for the common defense"). Minimal tax money should go to the federal government for education. They should be there to oversee standards are equal across the board and that's it. The rest is reserved to the states. Otherwise we're going to continue spending CHINA'S money, and one of these days, they're going to pull those loans. And then what?


cmjaz cmjaz

I think in 3 years, everyone is going to be hurting even more economically. My 18 yr old daughter cant believe that gas was only 1.98 gallon 4 years ago.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Finally, if we want our kids to have the freedoms and opportunity that we had as children, BOTH parties need to change, not just the Republicans. The Republican Party needs to stop bowing to the insanity of the "religious right". Not every R is a Bible-Thumping Christian, and we should not be driven from the party if we disagree on something like gay marriage.

And the Democrat Party needs to stop bowing to the insanity of the "Progressives" in their party. I have D friends who keep their mouths shut when the discussion turns to government-funded birth control, because they don't want to be driven from their party for thinking it's a ridiculous and wasteful notion.

Those "legitimate rape" idiots (and their minions) need to NOT be the voice of the Republican Party. And an endorsement of our president by Hugo Chavez is NOT a badge of honor.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

PonyChaser -- That is the perfect combination in my book as well. If only the bible thumpers would get out of the way of party evolution! (and the theory of evolution in general...)

fleur... fleurdelys3110

mustbeGRACE -- Keep thinking like that and there will never be another Republican president. If you look to history, conservative social principles never win out over progressive ones. The Republican party does serve to keep it in check though, and slowly introduce them to avoid any societal shock. The party needs to evolve. I've been thinking that for years now, and hopefully the party will finally realize it

mustb... mustbeGRACE

Evolution......................into Democrats or stingy Libertarians?


fleur... fleurdelys3110

No, mustbeGRACE -- evolution into reasonable human beings who understand the state of the world and the history of trends.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Oh, and one other thing... it would be nice if the Press "evolved" BACK to what they used to be ... the watchdog for the nation. I am so absolutely sick and tired of the slathering and drooling adoration that the "mainstream media" showers on this administration, and the absolute vitriol that it hurls at the other side. I am sick - physically sick and heartsick as well - at the absolute horror that took place in Benghazi... but do a search of "Benghazi" on or and you get crickets chirping. Only Fox (an admittedly right-leaning and favoring site) followed it. THEY ARE BOTH WRONG.

The press needs to be the government's worst enemy and the people's best ally. Instead, they are the lapdogs of the Democrat Party, encouraging this ridiculous "War on Women" and creating idols out of mere men. And all the while, betraying good men who put their lives on the line for their country. (Benghazi AND Fast and Furious)


I agree also, Fleurdelys.  I was just thinking the SAME EXACT thought today...that we may never have another Republican president if the party can't let go of the anti-civil-union stance.  We shall see...

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