Suicidal Mom's Wild Police Chase With Kids in Car Caught on Video

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Angela EstrellaA Miami mom, Angela Estrella, apparently went off the deep end and took her kids on a suicide mission. Her children, an 18-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son, were allegedly held captive in the car while Estrella led police on a high-speed chase from hell. Reportedly, her kids begged her to slow down, but she ignored their pleas -- even when she was shot by police.

At one point, Estrella hit 112 mph, slamming into vehicle after vehicle, making the highway her own personal crash up-derby. As she led Florida Highway Patrol on a wild car chase through Osceola County, the entire incident was caught on video by an officer’s dashcam. To make matters exponentially worse, troopers opened fire on the vehicle claiming to be unaware that the children were inside.

Watch the horrifying chase here:

Clickorlando - FHP video shows mother driving out of control

Estrella is accused of trying to murder her children, child abuse, kidnapping, and a laundry list of other charges. Newly released video includes her daughter’s account of the incident confirming that her mother was suicidal and is unmedicated and prone to “nervous breakdowns.”

My question is what the hell makes a parent decide that not only do they want to kill themselves, but they want to take their children with them? I have children and if I was so depressed that I wanted to kill myself, I wouldn't want to take them with me. If nothing else, wouldn't that be your one chance to be alone?

I hate the thought of anyone being suicidal. But parents, if you are that depressed, seek help. If that is not enough, try to keep in mind how very much you love your children. Count to 10, leave the kids someplace safe, and ask someone for help.

Do you think this mom wanted to kill her kids or did they just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?

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Brats... Bratsmama9507

Absolutely she wanted to harm her kids bcuz if she didn't she wuld of listened to her kids and slow dwn. I can't get over all these mothers wantin to harm their kids. It makes no sense to me how anyone could put a child n danger like tht.

stara... starandseen

Wow, 112 MPH is all I have to say about this story.

lalab... lalaboosh

It's likely that her attempts to get help were not supported. The mentally ill do not get the support and help they need all too often. I'm really sad for all of those involved.

Tamara Gozan

This lady needs medication.  When people have psychotic breaks their mind doesn't work right like a normal person's.  she is obviously poor or irresponsible because she should have been taking medication.   Not only should she not have any more kids but she should not have custody of her kids.

nonmember avatar SerenaJoy

I hope the kids are ok, police open fire unaware of children come on! The mom needs serious help! My heart goes out to the children who probably thought that was there last ride ever.

Julie Churco

A lot of people take their kids with them. They think the world is so awful, they don't want their kids to have to go through what they are going through.

Carleene Ratliff

As a deeply depressed person i know that when you hit bottom you do not think straight or reason things out. thankfully i got help before i became this desperate



mama_... mama_carmel

I live around that area, people down here do a lot of crazy things. She needs help and I hope those kids are ok. Hopefully that little boy doesn't have a lot of issues from this.

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