Women Offered Gas for Sex in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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gas line after hurricane sandySometimes natural disasters bring out the best in us. However, other times, people seem to try and leverage the suffering of others for cheap thrills and, frankly, disgusting and perverse deals. Like, offering up gas in exchange for sex from Hurricane Sandy victims in need. Yup. While many people are still without power, heat, or water, waiting in long lines for gas to power generators, other people are advertising on Craigslist that they've got gas -- and they're willing to trade it for blow jobs or more. Gross.

What kind of despicable troll tries to leverage people's need for heat and power after a natural disaster to get off?

"Gas4sex," a Brooklyn man, said he is "6 foot 1 225 pounds Italian workout good looking looking to hang out I have 5 gallons of gas."

Other ones were less explicit. "What would you do for a free tank of gas?" Or this one: "Send your pics and info along with why I should give it to you." Um, no thanks. I'd rather stand in line for five hours. I'd rather drink water from my toilet. I'd rather freeze.

I can't imagine a scenario in which this would actually work for these guys, and it's unfortunate they're hiding behind Craigslist, so we can't find out who they are and out them for being such vile opportunists. Asking women to whore themselves out for resources in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is the worst behavior I've heard about since the storm. It's just so wrong.

If only we could find some way to tell their moms.

What do you think of guys who ask women to trade sex for gas on Craigslist?

Image via Henry Gass/Flickr

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dirti... dirtiekittie

there are people who are scum, and many of those people use craigslist. that about covers it. :/

David King

Maybe they need to learn the truth about how the new world order is suppressing clean energy technology and have the ability to create hurricanes.

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