Obama Wins: 10 Front Pages That Show America’s Divided Reaction

headlineSoooo, last night, huh? Big win for Democrats and uteruses everywhere. I fell asleep right after they called the race, then woke up around 1 a.m. when Romney came on to concede. (My body will not let me sleep if there is a good looking man in the room, and I appreciate that about it.) Then, next thing you know, it's morning and it's time to read the news.

And wow, was there ever some news. From couched to exuberant to indifferent, here are 10 of the most eye-catching newspaper front pages announcing Obama's win from around the nation.

2012 election start slideshow


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nonmember avatar Samalam

It would be interesting to see the covers of these newspapers in past elections to see the difference in reaction.

nonmember avatar Thea

Wow u seriously need trifocals if u think Romney is goodlooking....WOW!

Ashok Upadhyaya

I think you missed to point with the Tampa Bay Times (TBT) insert: it is a liberal paper that is not "pissed" that Obama won. I think "Can We Get Back to Work" was meant another way entirely...

Pamela Jones Enns

Keep your food stamps, government handouts, and free ride off the back of the hardworking American. It is funny, they can't get the energy to work but jeopardize their food stamps and they show up in droves.

nonmember avatar former American

Pamela Jones Enns .............. hammer meet nail

very wells sums up this once great country's problem

now, it just does NOT matter......the mooches rule and its all a matter of how long will it take for the slaves to stop paying their bills

the rich will move their money and business/investments and the corporations will move overseas

just a matter of time ....... but the revenge voters should have fun for a while as its all about their gimmedats


nonmember avatar +MoreTrillions

So I ask you, how did we get here? Was it the greed, the laziness, the stupidity? Once the media is controlled the way it is now, the sheep {democrats} will follow. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize you can spend 2 trillion a year more than you have {obama}and expect the country to survive. We are done thanks obama.

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