Mitt Romney's Concession Speech: Now, That's What You Call a Class Act! (VIDEO)

mitt romney concession speechThe way the 2012 election concluded could have been a lot more frustrating, but at the time, during the hour and change that passed between the time the networks called Ohio -- and in turn, the presidency! -- for Barack Obama and the time Mitt Romney conceded felt like eons to the President's supporters. First we heard that Romney wouldn't concede Ohio ... Flashes of the 2000 election and the Florida fiasco and the recount and legal battle that ensued flashed in our minds, and we were on the edge of our seats wondering what was going to happen next. But thank goodness, as it turned out, the Romney camp simply seemed to be doing their due diligence on the numbers (can't blame 'em for that!), and when it was obvious that Obama had soared ahead in the electoral and popular vote, Romney called Obama to concede.

And what came next was a speech to be remembered. Check it out ...

Bravo, Governor Romney! Although there was a lot of buzz that the Romney campaign had only prepared an acceptance address -- whoops! -- this perhaps rushedly-prepared speech knocked it out of the park. With his resigned but calm tone, succinctness, warm words for the POTUS, FLOTUS, and their daughters (who got a round of applause -- aww!), and the brief but touching appearance of the Romney and Ryan clans at the end, the GOP candidate got this one right on all possible levels.

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I especially appreciated how the overall theme was that America and President Obama have some tough challenges ahead, but we all have to pull together -- united, not divided by partisan politics -- to be an even greater country. That we cannot risk "partisan bickering and political posturing" and "our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work." After all, given how divided our country is in many ways, that is exactly what both candidates needed to emphasize and encourage their supporters to do last night. And now, hopefully bearing both Romney and President Obama's wise and hopeful appeals in mind, it's time to move FORWARD!

What'd you think about Mitt Romney's concession speech?


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Bunmi Lad

I thought it was pretty standard and slightly passive agressive. "We'll pray for you." We all know what that means. Classy? Just "meh."

nonmember avatar Megan

Actually Bunmi, anyone who reads their bible is supposed to pray for the president. So I guess we all know what that means: Romney will be doing what he says he believes in, and what a lot of other believers will be doing, in line with their faith, for the benefit of the country and Mr. Obama.

Smerk... Smerkalot

Great post Maressa; exactly the tone and attitude EVERY American needs to have right now.  No time for foolishness, enough!

Procr... Procrastamom

It was a good speech. Sincere and congratulatory to his opponent. Well done, Romney.

Roni Clark

I don't know if it was as profund and memorable as the writer would make it seem. Meh is about right for it. I'm glad the whole thing is over and we can get back to the business of getting this country in order.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I have respect for any candidate who can be so poised after devoting six years of his life to something and losing out in the end. 

purpl... purple_creeper

Romney has a little of my respect, at least he didnt come off like most of his know, hatefull!

bills... billsfan1104

Funny how you guys on the left scream tolerance and work.together and then in the same breath you degrade us and call us names.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Well billsfan, it goes both ways. dems preach tolerance and sometimes don't practice it. Reps preach godliness and also don't.

nonmember avatar zach

Jesus, billsfan, give it a rest already! You are so ugly all the time. Maressa's article was very complimentary. Just stop and think about why you're so mean and ugly all the time. What purpose does it serve?

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