'50 Shades of Grey' Pages Are Now Being Used as Toilet Paper

50 shades of greyWe are a nation divided when it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey. Some women love it; others want to use the paper from the books to wipe their asses. No, literally. U.K. women's shelter Wearside Women in Need recently found out that libraries were ordering more copies of 50SOG to keep up with demand, and it pissed them off. So the charity asked people to donate copies of the book so they can turn them into toilet paper.

No, not because they're burning through those cheap, pilly generic brand rolls at lightning speed, because they want to send a message.

The original plan was to pile the books together and make a big ol' bonfire, but after what I assume was intense deliberation, the committee decided TP was the way to go. Women in Need's Clare Phillipson told the BBC:

We discussed the book burning while getting the message across that this book is a dangerous trend. I think we've got a culture now which has completely sexualised women and in which women feel obligated to take part in that culture. We want to draw a line under that. We will be cutting them up, using them for toilet roll, and sticking them on our compost heap and they will go back into the ground ... although the ideas they represent will continue.

Seems like a lot of work, if you ask me. Clearly, Women in Need, being that they're a women's shelter, does amazing things many of us can't claim to do, but I've gotta say: Seems like a bit of a waste of time and resources. I mean, to go through all that -- the cutting up, the composting, etc. -- is a bit elaborate. And not sure it's really going to get a message across.

On the flip side, though, it is pretty funny. We always hear people claiming they're going to "wipe their ass" with something they dislike. Rarely do they actually do it.

What do you think about 50SOG being turned into toilet paper?


fifty shades of grey


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Shandi80 Shandi80

Seems that would cause more plumbing issues than anything...lol.

dirti... dirtiekittie

what a waste of books! look, love it or hate it - destroying books is not the answer. even if you think it's clever to use it to wipe your hind parts, do you really have to ruin a book to get your point across? why can't people just be happy that others still read books? and on that note, if nobody is forcing you to read it - why do you care? (the argument that it's making women out as just sexual creatures is just nonsense. ever heard of pornography? geez.)

fwiw, i'm not a reader/fan of the book series either - i just think this is a stupid waste of time and resources.

Schiquita D Pleasant

Although Christian might like the thought of being wiped across some area's I'm sure there is some company out there that can send them some Poop Paper since I dont think 50 SOG qualifies someone as cool as Christian deserves to be S*IT on .... Jus sayin

Miriam Taylor Boland

I have a feeling the women in the shelter would be more likely to read these books rather than cut them up.... bet it backfires <sorry!> and if anything, the women will rise up against those who would destroy them!!

Krystle Soller

I think the book is relativly good, and each person has their own taste if people dont like the book dont read it.  Everyone is intitled to their oppinion but why destroy books?

nonmember avatar S Pinabel

That would hurt considering I read mine on a Nook

nonmember avatar Marge

These books disgust me, and I like that this group is taking a stand... BUT, the idea of destroying books doesn't sit well with me at all. Burning the books would have gone way too far in my opinion, and I feel better about the idea of using them as toilet paper, but still...

Sunni Smith

As I understand both sides of the situation, I believe that burning the books or using them for toilet paper is taking things to the extreme. People have different personalities, and with them, comes different likes/dislikes. Let people read what they want and respect it, just as they respect you for not liking the book. Find a different book store if you don't like seeing the books on shelf.

nonmember avatar Kayla

How completely ridiculous!! You would think people that spend so much time helping people in need could find so many better things to do with their time than "hate" on a book series!! They need to take the time to actually read them before passing judgment, I didn't think id like them either but after reading the first one I was hooked. I'm thoroughly disappointed that, like them or not, this womens shelter is wasting their time and energy on something so petty! Lighten up ladies!

nonmember avatar Gina

Maybe if websites like this stopped obsessing over such a trash book, women wouldn't feel the need to rebel against it. I know that I personally read this site for need articles, but find myself sifting through page after page of Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, and celebrity smacktalk to get to anything worth reading. Im with these chicks on using those books as t.p. just because i'm such if hearing about them.

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