Nanny Accused in Krim Children's Killings Reportedly Deeply Resentful Toward Employers

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bathroomThe more we learn about Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny accused of killing Lucia and Leo Krim, the more disturbing the story gets. As information leaks out we're starting to get an image of a disgruntled employee who may have taken her frustrations way too far. Now a law enforcement officer is saying that Ortega resented the Krims because "they were always telling her what to do."

Amazingly, while Ortega reportedly admits that she was in the bathroom with the children, she still has not confessed to their murders. And it gets weirder. She also reportedly gave police a strange detail that suggests the children's mother, Marina, may know the real story.

The source says Ortega told police detectives, "Marina knows what happened." She most likely means Marina Krim, her employer and the mother of the children. But what does she mean by that? Is it a hint that Marina knows more about Lucia and Leo's murder? Or is she saying Marina is hiding information about their relationship that would explain why Ortega would resort to killing the two children she cared for?

According to family members, the Krims had a great relationship with Yoselyn, but I'm starting to wonder. Sometimes you see what you want to see, and maybe they just missed signs that Yoselyn was angry with them. Or maybe they did see signs, but they didn't think it would ever amount to something as horrific as murder. And anyway, there aren't many employer-nanny situations that would justify something like this! If you're a sane person, you wouldn't murder kids because you're unhappy with your salary, or sick of doing laundry, or feeling under-appreciated. Even if Marina promised Yoselyn something -- a raise, or different kind of work -- that still would not explain, let alone justify these murders.

I don't know how Ortega could ever possibly spin this as being about her employers. I think this is still about her and her mental state. As for what "Marina knows," I guess police will have to ask her about that. And maybe Marina has some insights that she hasn't revealed to police yet -- or that haven't been revealed to the public yet.

Do you think there might be more to the Krim killings than mental illness combined with Yoselyn Ortega's resentment against her employers?


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nonmember avatar Liz

Nothing explains resorting to murdering two innocent children besides being a sick, deranged individual. I don't care if Marina Krim was the nastiest woman alive. When normal people don't like their employers, they quit. She's a sick, twisted individual and I hope she fully recovers from her injuries so that she can rot in prison.

e.nic... e.nicole.w

I think that mental illness has a HUGE part in this story. She may very well have had resentment towards her employers but a sane person doesn't take that resentment out on small children...especially in such a cruel and vicious way. Something is definitely off with her. I'm curious to see if there is more to this story but in the end it doesn't really matter. Bottom line is that 2 kids have lost their life and that should never have happened.

Cher53 Cher53

OMG! to kill children WHAT! I can't even finish this, I pray she is found guilty holy man.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

I think she is trying to imply that the mother did it. She should have quit. Or look for something else and put in your notice. She has to be beyond mentally ill to do something like this.

Michelle Cherie

This story has haunted me since I heard about it. It has really bothered me that these two beautiful children were viciously murdered for what??? I think this nanny is trying to twist and turn things around so she can cast doubt when she goes to trial. This family will never be the same and no one should have to deal with what they are dealing with. The krim family will always be in my prayers.

cmjaz cmjaz

I know mentally ill people and they would never kill babies. This woman is just evil, plain and simple. And then to try to put suspicion on the mother proves that she is NOT insane. She knows what she did and doesn't seem to care. Evil evil evil

Venae Venae

She is not mentally ill - she was pissed that they dared ask her to do some cleaning - it's beneath her - she is paid to care for children, not to clean.  She should have just kept her mouth shut if she had even a prayer of being considered insane.  Now we know she's just an evil bitch.  Execute her now.

Survi... Survivingthe2nd

It makes me so angry when people assume that an evil person is mentally ill. No. There is a difference between sick and twisted in the head and mentally ill !!  Unfortunately, even though most people do not want to believe it, there really are sick evil people out there. They think that because they are disguised in sheep's clothing that, NO WAY, there is no way they could really be that evil on the inside. 
Come on, don't you think that this woman rationalized like a normal person..... what can I do that could to get these people back; what would hurt them the most?? Stop blaming evil deeds on mental illness!!! 

nonmember avatar Imogen

I agree, Adriana, the statements she made about this crime are just plain weird. Marina "knows"? And the fact (presuming this is correct) that she admits to hurting the children but not killing them? To me her bizarre commentary can only be interpreted as mental instability, but if people want to call it evil I won't argue. What happened to those children wrenches my heart. I haven't been able to get them out of my mind.

tuffy... tuffymama

STOP SAYING SHE'S MENTALLY ILL. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe any of you are this woman's psychiatrist. Calling her mentally ill is giving her a get out of jail free card in the court of public opinion. Resenting employers is a sign of immaturity, because one can always change jobs or go the hell back home. Killing someone's children because you resent them should be punishable by death, IMO. Bitch should fry. Casting suspicion on the mother, who has just lost two of her precious babies, is further proof of the evil in this monster. Fuck. Her. I hope she burns in hell for all eternity.

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