Why Voter Suppression in Florida Should Scare the Hell Out of You

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rick scott
Gov. Rick Scott of Florida
Hey, remember when George W. Bush won the 2000 presidential election, fair and square? Me neither. I do remember thousands of Florida residents (mostly Democrats) having their constitutional right to cast ballots taken away from them for completely bogus reasons thanks to Florida's Secretary of State at the time, Republican Katherine Harris: Hey you, potential voter,  you're ... ineligible! Yeah, cause, um ... you're a convicted felon! Oh, no you're not ... my bad. Oh well. Better luck next time, bro!

Florida, with its 29 electoral votes, is what they call a "crucial battleground state." What does that mean? Well, let's put it this way: The practice of voting suppression in states like Florida (and Ohio) can pretty much throw the entire election -- in 2000 the presidency was determined by a mere 537 votes. 

And the forces responsible for that disaster are doing everything in their power to make the same thing  happen tomorrow. Here's how:

1. Refusing to extend early voting hours. Governor Rick Scott of Florida put his foot down on this effort to make voting easier for people like shift workers who have a hard time making it to the polls. In Miami-Dade County, people who tried to participate in an in-person absentee voting session ended up getting their cars towed! 

2. Virtually shutting down community-based voter registration drives. Organizations like the League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote registered hundreds of thousands of (mostly young, low-income and/or minority) new voters every year ... until 2011 in Florida, when legislature passed a bunch of requirements later deemed "unconstitutional."

3. Felon disenfranchisement. Good luck voting in Florida if you've ever broken the law (or even if you haven't): Since Rick Scott came along, people "who have completed their sentences, even those for nonviolent offenses, must wait at least five years before they may apply to the Clemency Board to get their voting rights back (and something as simple as a mistaken arrest can reset that five-year clock)." How many individuals does this affect? Well, the "ACLU of Florida estimates a backlog of at least 100,000 Americans who have applied to the governor’s board but had no action taken on their applications."

Pretty terrifying stuff, right? Al Gore totally deserves an apology ...

Are you worried about voter suppression throwing tomorrow's election?


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Sammy... SammyMama

I have also heard from a friend who is working in FL that there are people going around knocking on elderly people's doors and telling them they can "record" their vote in person and save them a trip to the polls on election day, when it will be crowded and they will have to wait in line.  What crap! 

I live in VA, under this new new (and ridiculous) voter ID law.  It's appaling that these tactics are allowed to be made legal.

I am just hoping this election will not actually be that close so these things will not be an issue...

nonmember avatar T

I'm sure you wouldn't be so up in arms about it if it were the dems 'suppressing the vote'. Truth is, lots of minority voters just don't care enough or are too lazy or uninformed, etc to get out and vote, that's why there are such campaigns in place to encourage them, unless of course we are about to elect a black man. Then they come out in full force. And people say republicans are racist, at least we don't blindly elect an incompetent to run our beautiful country into the ground simply because he happens to be our race. Don't believe me, then why do Stacey Dash and any other black person who doesn't toe the Obama line get torn apart for choosing to vote for someone else? Of course, this only applies to the black voters, the rest of the minorities vote for him so that they can continue to receive their govt benefits/entitlements, or amnesty, or whatever else...

early... earlybird11

God u guys r assholes. Those cars being towed were by a business owner. Not a fucking government employee or repbulican.. shut up

nonmember avatar Randy

As a resident of one of the FL counties having severe election problems, I can absolutely confirm the GOP attempts to disenfranchise as many voters as possible. With so many absentee ballots disappearing in the postal mail due to a post office 'glitch', just how are seniors and disabled persons supposed to stand in 7 hours or more long lines, when many can't walk a city block? And, Broward County elections board, where we are supposed to deliver the absentee ballots delivered at the last possible minute, has no parking on site. One has to park blocks away, if one can even get into one of the city garages, and walk, if one does not own a wheelchair; then the voter must stand in the seven hours or more long line to personally turn in the pre-filled out ballot. When I asked to speak with the board of elections supervisor (last general election) about providing us some accommodations for elderly and disabled persons, like an accessible site for us to go to, she refused to see me. Finally one of the poll workers advised me, after waiting to see her for three hours, that she wasn't even on site. So much for honesty or fair elections in south FL.

nonmember avatar Guest

These kinds of lies, in the desperate attempt to make excuses for an OWEbama loss, are disgusting, despicable, and offensive.

nonmember avatar Guest

@SammyMama; you lie.

I have lived in VA all my life, and the voter ID laws (which exist in 2/3rd of all states) have been on the books for many years in VA, and have never caused a problem.

Caera Caera

If by "voter suppression" you mean weeding out all the illegals, the dead folks, and those who are incarcerated....liberals should be shitting their pants.

That's practically their whole voting base!

nonmember avatar Guest

@Randy, I too know many people who are victims of the democrat economy. Does the OWEbama campaign pay you by the hour, or by the post?

Filthy lying liberal...

nonmember avatar Guest

I live in Florida and I voted early. I waited about a half an hour and while I was in line everyone who was handicapped got to go right to the front. I'm actually surprised that every voting place doesn't require a state issued ID. How do they know you are who you say you are? Why do people feel this is a bad thing?

nonmember avatar Guest

In 2000 the mindless sheep of the left were programmed to bleat that "the Florida State Police set up road blocks all over the state to keep people from the polls."

Somehow no one was ever able to produce a picture of this, or even an eyewitness account, but all of the liberal sheep "knew" it was "true" because they heard it on a "reliable" liberal hate website.

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