Michelle Obama Answers More of Your Questions on CafeMom!

Michelle ObamaWell, hello again! Hurricane Sandy got us down here at CafeMom, but not out!

We're back up and running and we're starting things off this week with  more of Michelle Obama's answers to CafeMom members' questions!

Check them out after the jump, and tell us what you think in the comments!

JonJon asked:

When I saw it was you who will be our special guest tears welled up in my eyes and I had to stop to acknowledge and experience the emotions and let them overtake me.  My reaction surprised me because I keep my feelings in check but I believe I was astounded, "Is it REALLY Michelle Obama, and am I this close to her?"  It's as if we are in the same room and we almost are! I'm just someone who is watching this campaign and I'm experiencing this strong reaction, online!  How do you live with the emotions?!  Your emotions as a wife, your emotions as a mom, your emotions as FLOTUS hearing people tell you their stories and believing in you; the demands on your emotions must be unimaginable to the rest of us.  From where do you get the strength?  I'd be hospitalized by now if I had to juggle all the demands you experience on your body and mind in all your roles as the woman married to the POTUS.

Read Michelle Obama's answer here.

momgirlsx2 asked:

If there's just one thing about or in the last four years you could change what would it be?

Read Michelle Obama's answer here.

Tattoedmomto4 asked:

Do you have a best friend or close group of friends that you are able to spend time with and when you do get that time, what do you enjoy doing?

Read Michelle Obama's answer here.

Carter210 asked:

I'm a mom of 2 just like you except I have 2 boys. They are the loves of my life, as I'm sure your kids are to you. This is the first year I am able to actually vote in an election. I have registered but I'm not sure if I'm going to vote or not. If I were to vote I'm very undecided. That being said, if you could give a young family, just starting out, any advice what you say?

Read Michelle Obama's answer here.

The Round Table asked:

Looking at the world through your eyes & through your daughters eyes.  What are the difficult choices their generation of women will face as opposed to the ones of your own generation and how has your husbands 1st term impacted those choices.

Read Michelle Obama's answer here.

Juliamomof2 asked:

My 8 year old son asked this question and he really wants to know!   What is the one thing you would do differently if you were President of the United States of America?

Read Michelle Obama's answer here.

Mrs. O. also posted a message about Hurricane Sandy for CafeMom members. Who knows? Maybe she'll become a regular contributor on the message boards!

What do you think of FLOTUS's answers?

Note: An invitation was extended to Ann Romney to join our community and respond to member questions.  As of this posting, we have not received a response.


Image via Chuck Kennedy/WhiteHouse.gov

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mamat... mamatrinie

Boo why don't you pick someone worth reading about or listening to. I would be tempted to end my life if Obama is reelected

Procr... Procrastamom

That's really sad, mamtrinie.  Neither of these men is worth ending your life for.  When Obama wins tomorrow, you'll still have your family and your friends and your life will go on as usual.  Have a good cry and then get on with living.

momof... momof3inTN

How sad mamatrinie. Life doesn't end when a democrat is elected, just like it doesn't end when a republican is elected. Life goes on.

Nancy... NancyJ422

mamatrini - you were probably hoping for Ann Romney?  Well here's your answer to that one:

Note: An invitation was extended to Ann Romney to join our community and respond to member questions.  As of this posting, we have not received a response.

Besides that, I have to say I've enjoyed reading her responses.  But the 3rd question has the response of the 1st one.  I really wanted to see the answer to that one.

Whatever the result tomorrow the earth will continue to spin on its axis and life will go on as normal for me, my family and our business.  We had years that sucked with both a Republican and Democrat in office.

tinho... tinhouse544

somehow i'm really not all that shocked ann romney didn't respond... smh

Bonni... Bonnie1937

People, average folks, are hurting these days. How the hell can you justify your vacations and lavish life style? How dare you? Your administration is pure evil! You are the gutsiest people I have ever heard of. GOD help us all.

momof... momof3inTN

Bonnie, didn't see y'all complaining when it was Bush taking vacation after vacation... just sayin'. Don't dish it out for one when you don't for the other.

bbygo... bbygourl27

How about you answer DECENT questions. Ones not flowers and rainbows? SERIOUS issues.


Mamatrinie~ If you feel that way you need to get some serious help now!

Derek W. Newell

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,( Calgary Sun, ode to Mom ) go down the page and there you are, and would you please view my relationship poem, go to Google again, and type in my  name and then, ''EXPRESS IT''. Please turn your family and friends on to my poems I know  they will be inspire, Thank You.


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