Obama Is the Only Candidate for Mothers & Children

obama woman & babyBarack Obama is the only candidate who fiercely supports mothers and children. His passion is palpable because he is the father of daughters. He was raised by a single mother and grandmother so the vital role of women and mothers is cemented in his DNA. President Obama clearly values women and the roles they choose for themselves. His mindset is current, and his policies will not take us back to the 1950s. Mitt Romney’s positions on women, however, reek of the The Handmaid’s Tale.


When I think of women and children, my thoughts go first to the most vulnerable among us. I believe that we are all lifted as a community when we give others to opportunity to rise. Too often our leaders place judgement and blame. This is appalling behavior when it comes to children, who have no say on their lot in life. President Obama clearly sees that breaking cycles of poverty requires an investment in early childhood development, education at all levels, affordable and accessible health care, and job creation. He sees value in all Americans, while Mitt Romney sees value in a select few.

More importantly, Barack Obama supports fair pay. Signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was his first bill signed into law just days after taking the oath of office. At best, Romney waivers on his position on fair pay. His running mate, Paul Ryan, voted against this piece of legislation.

Most importantly, if Mitt Romney were in the Oval Office he would strip women of reproductive and contraceptive rights that our mothers before us fought for. He’s taking us backwards to a time when women were second class citizens. He has reiterated that he would repeal Roe v Wade and push for even more stringent laws that violate women and their rights. It’s a frightening time for American women. I believe that financial issues ebb and flow and tend to work themselves out. Social issues are more difficult to change, especially when it comes to laws and amendments upheld by supreme court justices that the next president will appoint. Honestly, I can think of nothing on Mitt Romney’s platform that makes him a candidate to support mothers and children. It continues to baffle me that women or those people raising daughter would vote for this man.

I can’t help but wonder if Romney would be less of a misogynist if he were the father of girls. 


Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

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