RFK Jr. Sent His 16-Year-Old to Live With His Girlfriend After Her Mom’s Suicide

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Cheryl Hines Kyra Kennedy

Mary Kennedy must be rolling in her grave! The wife of Robert Kennedy, Jr., who committed suicide in May during the midst of a long drawn-out divorce with Robert, was reportedly despondent over the state of her relationship and the fact that Robert had recently begun dating actress Cheryl Hines. But that apparently didn’t stop Robert from sending his 16-year-old daughter, Kyra, to live with his girlfriend in Los Angeles after her mother’s suicide. A source told Radar Online: “It is absolutely typical of Robert to do something like this … It wouldn’t even have crossed his mind that it might be difficult for Kyra to deal with, living with her father’s girlfriend while she is trying to grieve over her mother’s suicide.” Indeed, on the face of it, it looks like Robert lacks a sensitivity chip. But let’s take a closer look.

Word has it that Robert sent Kyra to live with Cheryl because she was taking her mother’s suicide extremely hard. Mary is also the mother of Conor Kennedy, who was been dating Taylor Swift until recently. It seems counter-intuitive to send your daughter to live with your girlfriend when the girlfriend may have been part of the reason your mother was so despondent that she took her own life. But sources also say that Robert wanted to get Kyra had been acting up and he wanted to send her away from “friends and bad influences.” Sources also say that Cheryl is very “upbeat and positive” so being around her was good for Kyra, who stopped acting out.

Mary’s friends say he was just trying to “wash his hands” of dealing with any difficulties, but sometimes sending a teen away from their environment can snap them out of a free fall. And my guess is that, whatever feelings Kyra may have had about Cheryl, she probably wasn’t averse to living in L.A. with a celebrity. Plus, it’s hard to make a teen do something she doesn’t want to do. Anyone who deals with teens knows that! If she really didn’t want to be with Cheryl, she probably would have run away.

It is possible that Kyra had loyalty to her mother while still liking Cheryl. So let’s not dump all over Robert – he may have been a lousy husband, but perhaps – let’s hope — he’s a good dad.

Do you think RFK Jr. was being insensitive shipping his daughter away so quickly after her mother’s death?

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Mary was no saint,she had her demons;demons that drove her to hang herself.While I don't know the real circumstances considering the source (Radar Online),I hope this is something positive for Kyra.For all the name calling RFK jr.gets I think the worst is having her own mother abandon her the way she did.Maybe Mary should be rolling in grave.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Kennedy men treat their women poorly, and typically are into themselves (and their dicks).  Mary was a victim, acted out and went crazy, and so many want to blame her.  Look at the histories of Kennedy men and how they treat their wives, going back to good old Joe.  Nothing in this article is a surprise.

jeann... jeannie39

It is really sad that you would try to judge the relationship between father/daughter. She looks perfectly happy in the photo and for you to suggest the teen running away if she is unhappy is very irresponsible of you as an adult.

 For an adult and a mother, Mary seems to be the one causing her child's unhappiness. She abandoned her family, took the easy was out. Robert sent his child to his girlfriend, maybe because they are now going to be a family, not because he is throwing his child away as the story suggests.Blaming him or his girlfriend for Marys suicide is crazy. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. A lot of people go through bad marriages/divorces without killing themselves. The media needs to leave this family alone and let them grieve and heel in peace.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

How would you like to be having problems, only to be put on the back burner by your husband & his new mistress, try to enlist his help and be shoved under the rug, along with all the other POWERFUL Kennedy's right behind your husband?  It might make you want to off yourself, too.  Jackie ran into the arms of Onassis after the assassination of her husband just to get away from them.  Teddy's wife started drinking after Chappaquidic.  Rose was continually cheated on by Joe.  (Then there were the rape cover ups by some of the Kennedy cousins.)  The only Kennedy wives and kids who survive are the ones who put up and shut up.  That Robert Kennedy Jr. had Mary's grave moved to the far corner of the cemetery after all the media fuss was over speaks volumes.  The Kennedy are entitled, powerful and very very selfish.  Ask anyone who lives in Cape Cod.  They are sick of them.

tuffy... tuffymama

That family - WOW. People love to dig at the family dynamics of southerners, but the Kennedy shit is a real yankee mess since time immemorial.

Samsruby Samsruby

I'm sorry, but that whole family is a mess, and they're passing all that crazy egotistic crap along to the next generation, and it will just keep rolling downhill from there. 

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