4 Ways President Barack Obama's Re-election Will Benefit American Families

Barack Obama Joe BidenWell, it's happened. President Barack Obama has been re-elected. After first threatening to fight, Mitt Romney conceded. So what does this actually mean? What will four more years under President Barack Obama mean for the moms in America, the families in America?

More than who the president is, I think the average American cares about what the president can do for them. I know I do. I had my daughter in mind (and by my side) as I cast my vote. And keeping Obama in office protects a range of benefits for moms and families. Check them out:

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Health Care:

Now we know that Obamacare is safe; Romney can't repeal it. And in case you haven't already looked into the health care bill passed under the Obama administration, it has ensured 3.1 million young adults can stay on their parents' health insurance plans even after they graduate from high school.

It has made it so anyone with a pre-existing condition can get health insurance, including 17.6 million children! Health care reform has also ensured 47 million American women have access to preventative care that they couldn't access before the bill was passed.


The Romney tax plan was never exactly clear, but when Obama said earlier this year that taxes on families are lower on families then they have been in 50 years, the fact checkers at PolitiFact rated it "mostly true." And the Obama plan aims to have the average family save $2,200 on taxes next year.


Romney won't be able to put in place his plan to use federal vouchers to pay private and parochial school tuitions. That means the federal government won't be pulling monies sent to schools to help kids with disabilities and using it to take kids out of the system.

Instead we'll see the Obama administration's Race to the Top grant competition to motivate schools continue, and we'll see states continue to get waivers to escape the costs of No Child Left Behind. If your kid is headed for college in the next four years, you should be glad Obama will be sticking around. He's working to keep tuitions down, and he worked with Congress to keep the federal student loan interest rate from making a huge jump this past year.

Family Planning:

The Romney/Ryan ticket was gunning for women's rights, but the re-election of the president means private health insurance companies will continue to be mandated to give women access to birth control.

And with two Supreme Court justices expected to retire in the next four years, President Obama has a chance to make appointments that will protect Roe v. Wade.

That's just a taste of course! There's plenty more to come under our new (old) president!

What are you happy to see will be sticking around? How will President Obama's next term affect your family?


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cmjaz cmjaz

You realize that you will be charged a heafty fee each year if you don't carry health insurance?

Aeris... AerisKate

I'm afraid for my family.  Three years ago when I quit working to stay at home, we were doing fine although we knew we had to be careful and deliberate with our money.  Since then, food prices have soared, gas prices have gone up and stayed up, and our insurance premiums continue to go up while what's actually covered goes down.  In fact, the first renewal period after obamacare was passed, our premium went up by 40%.  We struggle to make ends meet each month now.  I fear where we will be in 4 years.  I still don't know anyone that is better off now than they were 4 years ago. 

nonmember avatar Rebecca

Obamacare will decimate small businesses, causing yet more unemployment. Small business owners are the backbone of employment in this country. Why don't we incentivize them to create more jobs so people can contribute to their own healthcare, rather than penalize them cause more job loss?

nonmember avatar Guest

I'm better off than I was four years ago.!

Rebec... Rebecca914

Obamacare will decimate small business, causing yet even more unemployment.  Small business owners are the employment backbone of this country.  They should be incentivized to create more jobs so folks can help contribute to their own healthcare, rather then be penalized and cause businesses to contract.  Without the jobs, there WILL BE NO HEALTHCARE!!!

Jamie Lechner

I am SO thankful that Obama pulled thru! My children BOTH have pre-existing conditions that require regular/daily medications and we cannot afford to use the ER for all their regular visits! Obama is allowing ME to finish college and secure our future as well! We would have had to move to Canada if Romney got it, and it's cold up there!

CRmom... CRmommie-2

I'm so excited that Obama won, I am a young mother of two and my husband and I don't make much money, so having the birth control provided is a blessing. Before this law was passed I was spending almost $50 a month in birth control. Obama being re-elected also means a  bright future for LGBT rights. My sister is gay and I am bi-sexual so this subject is very close to my heart. We do not want to be treated a second class citizens anymore! I have chosen my husband and it was no problem to marry him and reap the benefits of our marriage (such as health insurance) - I just want the same for my sister, for her to choose the person she loves and not face the government telling her she can't marry them. I see so much progress under President Obama's lead.




I'm not surprised Obama won.


^ By the way, it's $9/month for birth control, not that you need to check prices when it's not your own money..

And also, the President's stance on gay marriage has nothing to do with whether or not it is legal.  That is a state issue.

By the time you all realize what your uninformed votes have cost us all, it will be too late.

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