Michelle Obama Answers YOUR Questions on CafeMom!

Michelle Obama

You asked and the FLOTUS answered!

Last week, Michelle Obama took questions from CafeMom members. We received hundreds of them, and while she wasn't able to respond to every single one, I think you'll all appreciate the ones she was able to answer.

Click through to see which questions from CafeMom members were selected and to read Mrs. O's answers to them!

JennMarie77 writes:

Negativity is always big around elections-I hate it myself and find it hard to deal with. How do you deal with the negativity?  Do you shield your daughters from it? If not, how do you address it with them?

Here's Michelle Obama's response.

Slightly Perfect asks:

If your husband is re-elected, how do you think the next four years--years during which your daughters will become young ladies--in the White House will affect them? What are you, as a mother and public figure, most concerned about regarding these upcoming changes?

Here's Michelle Obama's response.

Mellypoo writes:

How do you and the President, as a parenting team, balance the incredible demands on your time with the growing educational needs of your daughters? How do you both ensure that your presence is felt at times when duty to the nation requires one or both of you to be half the world away from them on any given day? Are you able to sit down with the girls and participate in their homework assignments with regular frequency, or even daily?

Here's Michelle Obama's response.

BlueRay asks:

As a fellow mother are there any words of encouragement you can offer us as hope for the future, considering the current state of our world today?

Here's Michelle Obama's response.

Saerise writes:

Your two beautiful daughters are quickly growing up! How will you handle their potential suitors in the White House if your husband is re-elected?

Here's Michelle Obama's response.

And mamainluv asks:

Does my vote really count?

Here's Michelle Obama's response.

Keep checking CafeMom -- the First Lady will be responding to your questions all week long!

In the meantime, what do you think of her answers so far?

Note: An invitation was extended to Ann Romney to join our community and respond to member questions.  As of this posting, we have not received a response.

Image via Lawrence Jackson/Whitehouse.gov

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wamom223 wamom223

Those were the questions you picked to ask the first lady?  This is why men think we are dumb.

nonmember avatar courtney

I think a question that should have been asked is how as someone that has no military background in your family do you respond to the demands and needs of a military family? I see all the time on AFN how you the VP's wife support military family yet as a military spouse I have not really seen any support by anyone in this administration. With of course the exception of obmamacare that will jack the Tricare rates up 345 %. Thanks for that by the way.

bills... billsfan1104

Figures Cafemom would pick wussy questions.

audri... audrinasmommy7

These are dumb questions to begin with, but I could honestly care less what the First Lady has to say. She's not leading our country or running for re-election, her husband is. I'm not voting for Obama but I still would care more about what he has to say than what she has to say. On second thought, I wouldn't really care much what Obama had to say either because all I hear come out of his mouth are lies. Oh and the part about Michelle and Barack having trouble helping their daughters with their math homework? Seriously, this is our president? Someone who has trouble helping his 11 and 14 year old daughters with their math homework. Oh that just makes me feel so confident about Obama...

Aliin... Aliincharge

What a politician. Disappointed that she didn't actually answer the questions...

bills... billsfan1104

Audriana, I noticed that too.

nonmember avatar NavyWife

These answers were ridiculous. They sounded like the kind you would hear at a pageant. Rehearsed, fake and just not good enough.

daisy... daisysrdeadly

I like when someone has a classy, intelligent response it is automatically considered rehearsed and unauthentic. Guess many of you are not used to hearing people speak in a class, tactful manner. As well as the questions themselves -- not sure what you expect. I have a feeling more rude, obnoxious manners  that you say you hate in politics but than whine when you don't get it.

Eddy Delgado

And does anyone think for one minute that she really answered any of these questions, really?  Some lame junior staffer was given this task and is probably none too happy about having to do this mind numbing little excercise.  I'll be it is a 23 year old intern who has no kids, a liberal arts, communications or political science degree and is wondering why the heck they went to school to end up having to write banal replies to made up questions.


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