Brother-in-Law Charged in Gruesome Murder of Mom & Two Toddlers

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Last week, we heard about the terrible story of the father in Sacramento, California who came home to find his wife and two children stabbed to death. Fortunately, his 6-month-old son survived the slaughter and was alive in a back room. Photos of police holding the baby while waiting for social services to arrive were heartbreaking. Now we have some startling and tragic news -- the father's brother, Grigoriy Bukhantsov, 19, has been charged in their deaths. What on earth could make someone kill his own sister-in-law and his young niece and nephew?! The police have some hints.

Reports say that Bukhantsov is being held in the psychiatric ward and is "confused" and "very upset." His attorney is quoted as saying: "It appears we have maybe a psychological history and possibly a mental health issue." He also has a previous conviction for burglary, for which he reportedly spent seven months in jail.

Since then, the teen was reportedly "drifting between homes" of relatives. The local sheriff says that "something bad was brewing" in the days before the murder and that he "didn't have a good relationship" with the rest of the family. A woman who identified herself as the mother's sister said on a radio station that the mother, Alina, had received threats from her brother-in-law.

It can be incredibly difficult to tell if someone who has mental issues is going to turn violent, unless they make direct threats. It can also be difficult to do something about it -- unless someone makes a direct threat against you, getting police involved can be almost impossible. We don't know what kinds of threats the teen may have made or what the family may have tried to do about it. Just like in the case of nanny Yoselyn Oretega, we may never know what exactly, if anything, caused this person to become so vicious. Could he have been jealous of his brother's family and success? Did he resent his sister-in-law for not allowing him to couch surf with them? Did he spare the youngest child or just not see him? The man was so disturbed that after the murders, he allegedly drove to a local Denny's and fell asleep over his food.

I can only imagine what this poor father is going through -- in one horrific day, he lost his wife and his 3-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy. Reportedly at the hands of his own brother. It's a miracle that one of his children survived.

What do you think could cause someone to do this?!

Image via Sacramento County Sheriff's Office


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nonmember avatar MommaMel

Truth is even when they make a direct threat one time isn't has to be 3 times to get anything done

cmjaz cmjaz

I know mommamel. My uncle has been psyco for years and they keep letting him out until he has to be put back into the psych ward. He has even tried to strangle his elderly mom but she refused to press charges and cops couldn't do anything.

Carmen Martin

I wonder if the brother-in-law was allowed in the house even after he threatened his sister-in-law.  Still, who wants to believe that of their own brother?

Jorie21 Jorie21

@ Carmen: they did allow him in the house. It was really sad because the night before, there was horrible rain storm in the area and he came to their house begging shelter and the brother and his wife allowed him in. This story is so awful. They were just trying to help and the brother came home to find his family slagughtered.

The family has a memorial page on FB if anyone would like to help out the greiving famil, there are links to make donations. It's "God's Dandelion" there are photos of the family and of the memorial service. Warning, it will make you cry but if you wish to help them out or gives them your condolences.. it's there.

missy... missybest

You ask us to tell you why we think he did this? 

Sorry!  Normal people cannot step in the shoes of crazy murderers - thank goodness!  If anyone can tell you "why", they probably are in serious mental craziness too!

Leah Denise Presley-Fox

Why did he do it? Well, I may be going out on a limb here but i'm going to say he's bat shit crazy, or a heartless human being with no soul...take your pick!

Maria Madden

experience police are no help,unless your taking their money or have drugs they want!


Shelby Roberts

my husband and a few friends work in the psych ward at at state prison. all of them have told me that a brother of mine is crazy. the first time my husband said something my brother was only 11(now 15)! he has since then tried to hang himself, sprayed raid (roach kill) on the family's (of 9) food, lit a fire in the living room, and stalks our sisters! luckly, he has not been to successful in these attempts to harm the family. he has come very close though. my sister(8) saw him spray the food and told our parents and our dad woke up before the fire spread. so even though it is hard to beleive that someone you love could cause harm to their family, it is heart breakingly true. even psychopaths and murderers have families. i pray for this family to heal and get the help needed for the young man in question.

Holly Marie Stotler Sherrill

He isn't sick let him sit on death row & then do the same to him. Children are truely a gift from God. What has the world come too?? I feel bad for the father & the family!! Prays for them..

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