Ann Coulter Won't Apologize for R-Word, Says Screw the 'Word Police'

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Ann CoulterAnn Coulter is at it again. She says she is fed up with the 'word police' and will not apologize for calling President Obama a 'retard'. I wonder if she stomped her feet like a little kid throwing a tantrum when she said it. Probably.

Never mind the fact that she was trying to insult the President of the United States by employing schoolyard bullying tactics. Sticks and stones, Ann. However, even in the face of criticism from advocates for people with disabilities, including Special Olympian John Franklin Stephens, she remains adamant that what she did wasn’t wrong. Apparently, we all just need to get over it.

Ann Coulter is apparently unfazed, aside from being a little annoyed with her critics for calling her out on the derogatory usage of the word "retard," even calling us “liberal bullies.” The only bully I see is the middle-aged, big-mouthed Coulter acting like a real horse's ass. I thought she was an educated woman. You'd think she could be a little more clever with her insults. 

Come on, Ann. You made an error. Apologize, stop adding insult to injury, and move on. Instead, here's what she had to say:

Screw them. You just cannot go around saying this and that word is offensive. I'm sick of this.

Way to change the world for the better, Coulter.

The definition of "retarded" is slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress. To be "retarded" is an actual disability that people have that stunts intellectual and emotional development. So when people use it synonymously with being an asshole or doing something stupid, it is insulting to those who are actually intellectually behind.

Maybe we should just use "Coulter" as the new derogatory term for any person who is a rude asshole from now on. Oh, Ann, you are such a "Coulter." She probably wouldn't like it very much. 

What do you think of her usage of the word "retard"? Free speech or free to be an asshole?

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bills... billsfan1104

Good for her. I am glad someone is finally not being bullied into apologizing.

Megan Lee

First step to ending Ann Coulter: Stop writing articles on her and giving her the attention she's desperate for.

the4m... the4mutts

I agree with her 100%

Its a word. Get over it!

Ps, I thought the "pc"/medical term for people with a diagnosed problem was "devolpmentally disabled".

So retard doesn't apply to them anyway. Therefore, its only an insult to the one being called a retard, not to people who are actually disabled.

Megan Lee

+ Ann Coulter is the BIGGEST real life troll...
She lives for the reaction.

nonmember avatar Carol

"trying to insult... by employing schoolyard bullying tactics" Wow - that sounds just like what our childish commander in chief does to every single opponent he has ever been up against! Yet it is wrong for anyone else to retaliate in kind? It is small minded to do so, but that word can describe a lot of people these days. NO, I do NOT agree with the term Ms. Coulter used - but that is only part of the issue I took with this article. The other issue I took was with the tone of this blog - it decidedly isn't neutral towards the upcoming election.
I do not identify myself with any party - I look at the person and the platform. My vote will be going to the more "Presidential" of the candidates - Mr. Romney.

Fondue Fondue

I agree with her.  I think the Word Police are getting way out of hand telling us what is no longer "acceptable" to say.  Good point, the4mutts.

Todd Vrancic

I have been advised not to feed the troll, so I will not comment on Ms. Coulter

itsgrim itsgrim

I am no fan of Coulter and find her word choice pretty disgusting.  That said - she said it, and she's stepped up and accepted the negative fall-out without apology, so good for her on that front.  It's better than the half-assed apologies we usually get when a certain group gets pissy over something someone said.  I have more respect for people who are purposely offensive and own it, than those who are purposely offensive and then bow to public pressure and act contrite.  If she doesn't feel an apology is in order, she shouldn't issue one.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

"The only bully I see is the middle-aged, big-mouthed Coulter acting like a real horse's ass."

Did you honestly just type this? Like without any irony?

nonmember avatar Observe

She is a Narcissist.

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