Mom Says 'Possessed Devil Baby' Can Walk & Make Fire But It’s Probably Much Worse

You hear about troublesome babies who are born with a magical ability to cry non-stop for months on end, but you don't hear very often about a newborn who can supposedly walk like an adult, "cackle" like a fiend, and "produce fire." And thank goodness we don't, because talk about losing sleep! But one mother claims that her month-old baby boy is possessed by a "malignant spirit" and can do all of these things -- and he even has "intimidating eyes" to boot!


One thing you'd probably try to do if you gave birth to a "devil baby" is keep it on the down low. But word must have got around, because reportedly neighbors pelt the newborn's home with stones every night. The baby's parents, Ana Feria Santos and Oscar Pelencia Lopez of Lorica, Colombia, claim the baby has "several abnormalities" and think the boy is the devil incarnate.

Ana, who is the mother of five children, reportedly told a local radio station:

He walks like an adult, sometimes going off and hiding underneath the bed, in a suitcase, in the washing machine, or in the fridge.

Er, I don't mean to be a disbeliever or anything, but could this mom have simply lost her marbles from so many kids?

Local authorities were called in to investigate and reportedly found burn marks on the baby's clothes and the sofa where he sits. (Yeah, he sits. Even though he's a month old! Wonder if he smokes a cigar while he catches the game on TV?) Some small burns were also found on the baby's hands. Which could mean the baby produces fire -- or it could mean the baby is being abused! It's the second theory that authorities are looking into, and one source says the child does show signs of abuse.

This would certainly pretty sick if the parents were burning the baby and then claiming it could produce fire -- maybe for attention. But ... what if it could produce fire? Who the heck would believe you?!

At any rate, it's best to be safe and assume that a newborn cannot walk, cackle, and throw around fire, and that the parents have some issues! Presumably if the kid CAN do all that, someone will catch it on video eventually.

Certainly, babies do some odd things. Some even hold their breath in a fit of pique until they pass out. But a fire making baby takes things to a whole new level.

Reportedly, the parents have received a "warning" while the case is being looked into, which unfortunately sounds like he wasn't taken away from the family.

Do you think a baby can be possessed?


Image via Keith Williamson/Flickr

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