Hurricane Sandy Humor Hits the Web & Brings Some Comic Relief


Hurricane Sandy is on its way, and the press has made no bones about it. It's either the "worst storm ever" or the "biggest storm of all time" or the "storm to end all storms." Let's just say the headlines haven't exactly been restrained. For people living in the path of Sandy, this can mean not only several trips to the store to stock up on batteries, flashlights, and ramen noodles, but a panicky crying jag while you clutch your battery-powered lamp in one hand and your drink of choice in the other. Luckily for us, there's Twitter. One of the small upsides of any major event, no matter how dramatic or traumatic, is Twitter tittering. And Sandy is no different. A little comic relief in tense times is always welcome, if you ask me. Though I won't be laughing if my computer ends up floating in the East River. Here's some of the best funny #Sandy tweets.

Darth Vader @DepressedDarth

This hurricane is supposed to hit the East Coast hard, we can only hope the Jersey Shore gets hit the hardest. #Sandy

QTip @QtipTheAbstract

This is a good time to read a book and do a 3 day cleanse. #sandy

Reply from : I wouldn't do a cleanse just in case the toilets don't flush. ;-)

Larry King @kingsthings

Is #Sandy a boy or a girl? #Frakenstorm

Betty F*ckin' White@BettyFckinWhite

It's not Frankenstorm. It's actually Frankenstorm's monster. #sandy

DC Debbie @DCdebbie

"It's easy to prepare for #Sandy: temporarily reside in your beach home on the West Coast or FL" -Romney advice to Americans in storm's path

Fake Oriole Bird@FakeOrioleBird



I cant Wait to Be Like Snooki And Blow the whole East Coast !!!

Jason  @coolmcjazz

BREAKING: Massive, shapeshifting force approaching #DC, set to wreak havoc to US economy. No, not Hurricane #Sandy -- Mitt #Romney.

Do you make jokes in times of stress?


Image via NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

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DebaLa DebaLa

Absolutely. What else is there to do?? It's the only power you have over nature. 

I say this, steps from our sultry Malibu sunset.

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