New Details About Yoselyn Ortega Show a Nanny on the Verge of 'Losing Her Mind'

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Memorials for Krim children

It all hinges on Yoselyn Ortega now. As far as we know this morning, she's still in a coma. Until the New York nanny who is the prime suspect in the stabbing of two kids to death wakes and talks to police, there's only painful, excruciating waiting. Even when the answers come, and I pray they do, they still won't be good enough because two beautiful, innocent children still lie dead. Nothing can truly explain or justify the crime scene that Marina Krim walked into on Thursday afternoon, it can only fill in some of the blanks of what we already know and feel in our hearts -- that anyone with no history of violence, drug abuse or mental illness who could murder two children in cold blood had to have snapped.

Until Ortega talks, we can only look for answers in the people who knew the 50-year-old nanny best and saw her the most. And the sketchy portrait they are drawing leaves us just as baffled and horrified as when we didn't know anything about her at all.

Several newspapers have interviewed neighbors of the Krims' who would see the nanny with the kids, Ortega's family members and neighbors, the Krims kids' grandmother, and various others. This is what we know of Ortega so far:

She was becoming unhinged. People saw it, as much as weeks ago, when she'd ask a friend to pray that a woman who she sold jewelry to as a side business would pay her what she owed her. Several people acknowledged that the recent money problems she was having were wearing on her, and she even started seeing a psychologist.

Ortega frequently looked sad, distant, would not return her usual smile. She had lost a lot of weight.

The description I just painted probably describes a million other people in the world, none or most of whom do not deal with their problems by pulling out a knife and brutally slaying children who they supposedly loved, before trying to end their own life.

There is something in the details of how Marina Krim found her children that I keep going back to, that keeps stopping me. It's the point where she enters the bathroom and finds her kids in the tub, and Ortega is supposedly in the act of running the knife against her own throat. The timing of that is uncanny. What are the odds that that was just a coincidence? Ortega must have heard Krim enter the apartment -- both times (the first time she entered after returning from her 3-year-olds' swim class all was dark and she left to ask the doorman if the nanny and kids had gone out).

Is it possible she wanted Krim to catch her in the act? In which case, it's more a sick cry for attention than a legitimate attempt to end her own life.

But then, who in their right mind would want to live after committing such an atrocity against children, against a loving family. The only coherent thing about this entire tragedy is that nothing continues to make sense.

Does this picture of the nanny really point to someone who was losing it? Was something else going on here?


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bills... billsfan1104

There has to be more

Has to be. This story makes me sad and sick.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Its heartbreaking to see to see those little faces in some of the news articles. i hate that woman for what she did and leaving that image in their poor mothers head. Sad and sick is about right, bills.

kelti... kelticmom

Unfortunately Bills, sometimes there isn't more. Sometimes evil people just do evil things. And all the looking back and blaming others and looking for signs doesn't change a thing. We live in an evil world. Satan prowls among us like a thief in the night. And that is what makes it even sadder, it will not change. Until the end.

bills... billsfan1104

I agree Keltic. Totally agree. I am just sad for that mother, for seeing that horror and now having to bury her babies and having live with this. I just hope she has the strength to love life and live for her living child. Because that child has to not grow up with survivors guilt.

nonmember avatar JK

.....utterly APPALLING, but no idea what can be done to give these lost souls the quarter they truly need - and what if TAKING medication of some sort unsnapped her; Yoselyn Ortega may be but one more harbinger of unimaginably terrible times not long in arriving.....might not be relevant, but another blog pointed out that it had been CNBC to exclusively break what is surely among the most outrageous scandals in American, if not world history, to the tune of a cool $43 TRILLION.....the shadows have NEVER fallen longer on our lives, than NOW:(

onena... onenamillion123

They should possibly take a look at her books, DVDs etc. Maybe certain evil writings taught that if you shed blood or take a life you will prosper. Sounds crazy I know but its all crazy!

jewmaw13 jewmaw13

This is so sad :( there's gotta be something more here

nonmember avatar Bastet

Good vs evil is a very simplistic, reassuring way to look at it. It appears that this woman had a complete psychotic break. No one wants to think that our 'wiring' can misfire to this degree because it's too terrifying, but it happens every day.

I feel sorry for all of them.

nonmember avatar kimberly m

Hmm idk its just speculation but whos to say the mother didnt do it? An then tried to kill th nanny an came up with that horrific story sayin she walked in on it knowing th nanny was going thru hard times she saw her opportunity to frame the nanny...mothers hav snapped like tht too its fkn sick either way an truely sad but this is th world we live in:(

bills... billsfan1104

Kimberly, the neighbors heard her screams and they were not faked. I thought that too, but then i heard the stories on her cries. I dont think she would do it.

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