'Cannibal Cop's Wife Fled With Baby After Finding His Plans to 'Cook' Women

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Imagine being a newlywed wife and mother when you happen to go into your husband's computer and find a document labeled, "Abducting and Cooking [name of Victim 1]: A Blueprint" along with a recipe for chloroform and a list of "materials needed" including a car, chloroform, and rope. This is reportedly what happened to Kathleen Cooke Mangan, who was married to a six-year veteran of the New York police force, Gilberto Valle, otherwise pegged in the press as the "Cannibal Cop." Valle has been arrested for plotting to kidnap and cook 100 women.

It was Magnan, who had been married to Valle for less than a year, who tipped off police to what she found in her husband's computer, which led to his alleged "plot" to cook women being foiled. After discovering these horrific things on his computer, Magnan reportedly bundled up their year old baby and bolted from the apartment in Queens they shared together and moved out of state to family.

While Valle's defense attorney is labeling his online conduct "fantasy talk" -- these are pretty sick fantasies! Certainly one can only praise Magnan for taking it seriously and approaching the FBI. Additionally, I'm not sure "fantasy talk" requires someone to illegally access law enforcement databases in order to create a dossier of names, ages, photos and even bra sizes of over 100 women, as Valle is charged with. That's certainly taking your "fantasy" to the next level!

I can only imagine what was racing through Magnan's mind when she saw some of this information. Thankfully, if she did confront her husband about it, she didn't allow whatever explanations he might have had to twist her thinking. I imagine with a new baby to care for, it would have been tempting to go into deep denial, put it all down to sick fantasies, and convince yourself that therapy could repair your marriage. Who knows how many women were saved by Magnan refusing to take that road. Sadly, a lot of judgmental people whose minds cannot conceive of the masterful duality of sociopaths, will assume Magnan must have "known" what she was getting into when she married him.

Can you imagine Magnan perhaps now seeing how far Valle's twisted online talks went, such as how he wrote that he wanted to "cook [a woman] over a low heat, keep her alive as long as possible"??? This is the father of your child??!!

Magnan joins the ranks of the mother of the teen suspects accused of killing Autumn Pasquale and the mother of the teen suspect accused of killing Jessica Ridgeway as being a hero who didn't let her love for someone outweigh her need to do the right thing.

Would you call the police on your husband if you saw something possibly criminal on his computer?


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amber... amberdotsmom

She's married to a "six-year-old" cop?  How did she get permission to do that and how did a 6 yr old get through the training course.............proofread people, proofread!

Seriously though I have no way to even try and understand what was going through this guys head.  Whether he was really going to do it or it was fantasy talk it's truly sick either way.  Although the fantasy part is going to take a hit when he has to explain why he used the database, wonder if a jury will really fall for that defense.  I feel very sorry for his wife; no idea if something happened and he changed or if he had these ideas when he married and thought he could supress them but I'm sure he was a charming fake to her face.  The outcome was good though she found out before he could do anything, turned him in and ran.  I hope she can rebuild her life and keep that child far away from this guy forever.

KAV1970 KAV1970

Read "The Psycopath Next Door" that'll open your eyes to some of the people around you.

cmjaz cmjaz

I read somewhere that his cell phone actually pinged close to one of the women's residence. Which is far from his place

nonmember avatar Laura

It says "six year veteran," not "six year old." Proofread!

nonmember avatar Kim

@Laura, I think the "writers" correct their errors as soon as it they are pointed out by a commenter. I have seen it done several times on this site.

yngmo... yngmomma21833

Of course I would had done the same as her. It was good she didn't confront him. He very well could had killed her and ate her. Creep!

jessi... jessicasmom1

yikes I would have taken off too 

Refur... Refurbished

It's a good thing his wife had actual proof and not just him saying these things, or she'd be labeled a "parental abductor" for fleeing out of state and would risk losing custody of her baby to him. 

marle... marlene.89

This is crazy :o

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