Jessica Ridgeway's Accused Killer Austin Sigg Said to Be 'Obsessed With Death'

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Austin SIggEverything about the murder of 10-year-old Colorado girl Jessica Ridgeway has been unsettling for parents. Now add to it the fact that Austin Sigg, the suspect arrested and charged with killing the child, is just a child himself at 17. Coupled with the arrests of two teenagers in New Jersey on charges of killing 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, and it's starting to feel like we're living in a world where our kids are suddenly flipping out on us.

Except, maybe they're not. Since the news broke yesterday that Austin's mom had turned him in to Westminster Police, people have been coming out of the woodwork to say there were signs all along that something wasn't right with Austin Sigg. In an odd way, it should make us all feel better.

The 17-year-old was reportedly "obsessed with death," and girls in town reported feeling particularly uncomfortable with the way he would stare at them. One even told CNN that she feared what he might have done to her if she hadn't had her pitbull with her when she encountered Sigg at the lake where he's suspected of attacking a jogger on Memorial Day.

These comments all come after the arrest, and we all know how some people favor hyperbole, especially when there is a news crew about. But Sigg was studying mortuary science in college and had shown an aptitude for forensics in high school.

To say he was "obsessed with death" suddenly doesn't sound so far off, does it? It certainly puts in context the allegations that pieces of Jessica's body were found in the crawlspace beneath the Sigg home.

All these "signs" might not have been enough to prevent this horrible tragedy, but they do put my mind at ease. Because it means there WERE signs. It means we don't just have happy-go-lucky teenagers snapping. We have a teenager who was already showing signs of something dark and disturbing, a teenager who it now seems was destined to snap.

Do the details of Austin Sigg's past make this horrific tragedy any easier to understand?


Image via Westminster Police Department

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nonmember avatar phoenix

You know, studying mortuary sciences or forensics isn't a clear sign of an unbalanced mind and a future murderer. It might be a sign that someone is interested!

But hey, let's stick with 1950's thinking. "Ooh, he wants to work with dead people...what's wrong with him?"

lasombrs lasombrs

I went to school for anthropology and forensics and I haven't killed anyone. Not saying the man isn't sick for what he has done but I don't think throwing everyone who wants to work in the field to catch these people under the bus as wanting to be one is fair either

nonmember avatar kaerae

Well, somebody has to study mortuary science, don't they? Unless you want to enbalm your own dearly departed. There's a lot of things wrong with this guy, but studying for a field with 100% job security probably isn't one of them.

Melissa Pemberton

I love every single comment on here at the moment. I fully agree with your statements. It is ridiculous to call this field of study "dark" and/or "disturbing", that he was "obsessed with death", I am registering for the Mortuary Sciences class at ACC and have never killed anyone, would never want to kill anyone, hell, I'm even a vegetarian because I dislike murder so much. He was obviously disturbed but I don't think his educational track is telling us anything about him personally.

apollo88 apollo88

why did he killed her?

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