Wedding Planner at James Bond Hotel Says Couple Isn't Good Enough to Get Married There

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wedding rings on plannerAnyone who thinks it's always the bride who goes 'zilla and exhibits totally outrageous, cringe-worthy behavior while planning the Big Day has never witnessed just how wacko wedding vendors can get. As a bride-to-be and the friend of a couple of fellow 2013 brides-to-be, I've experienced and heard of some crazy episodes with people in the over-the-top wedding biz -- but nothing nearly as upsetting as what a U.K. couple recently had to endure ...

Twenty-seven-year-old bride-to-be Pauline Bailey and her 51-year-old fiance Paul Carty wanted to get hitched at the five-star Stoke Park Hotel, which has previously featured in Bridget Jones' Diary and James Bond films Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldfinger. After having met the couple, hotel wedding planner Michele Connelly decided Pauline and Paul weren't the right "kind of people" to be wed at the venue. She then wrote the following email to her boss ...  

I need your advice. I know this probably doesn't sound very nice, but I am trying to put this wedding off as I don't think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park. I spoke to the bride yesterday and have put her off for now by telling her the dates that she wants are not available. Help!!!

Ouch!!! But wait, there's SO MUCH MORE. When Michele went to hit "send," it turned out she had mistakenly cc'ed Pauline! Whoooops, huh?

Of course Pauline was in tears initially. She told The Daily Mail:

I was horrified. Effectively, Michele was asking her boss how she could get rid of us. The suggestion was that we were undesirables, which we definitely are not. We're a hard-working, well-educated couple, who both speak well. ... It's clear to me that this hotel operates a policy of discrimination, which is terribly wrong, unfair and deeply, deeply hurtful. Paul and I can hold our own anywhere and in anyone’s company. We are thoroughly decent people and didn’t deserve this humiliation.

No kidding! No one deserves to be turned away by a venue in this way. Sadly, it probably happens behind couples' backs more often than we realize ...

In this case, Pauline believes the discrimination was related to the fact that her fiancé is 24 years her senior and has a pierced eyebrow and two earrings. So ridiculous. Thankfully, they were bold enough to take the hotel to task for this disgraceful incident ...

They've considered legal action and have refused a meeting with the hotel's sales manager who apologized and requested a meeting to discuss their wedding plans. As Pauline explained, "After such a disgusting snub we wouldn't hold our wedding there, even if the hotel offered it for free." Good for them!

How crazy is this? Did you ever felt discriminated against by wedding vendors?

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Trina... Trina.mhmm

Wow you would think with the way the economy is, anyone would appreciate business

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Wow, that's terrible. Their money is just as good as anyone else's.

Nicole Jordan

I agree that Pauline and Paul are not the "type" of people to wed at this venue. They are clearly way too classy and intelligent for a five star hotel that probably bought that rating.

early... earlybird11

Well I wouldn't turn a free wedding down. And I would make sure every single paper and news channel heard of this wonderful classy establishment

Todd Vrancic

@earlybird, after an insult like that, they would have to PAY ME to hold any kind of event there.  And I have news for you, it isn't because they hurt my feelings, it's because they insulted my wife.  That means if you then change your mind and want to fix your mistake, business owners, it ain't gonna be cheap for you.

Elizabeth Cloudwalker

Not even worth the time to hear the apology. Next vendor, please!

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