Man Who Sued Wife Over 'Ugly' Baby Shows Why Plastic Surgery Shouldn't Be Secret

Women are getting plastic surgery so much younger these days. It used to be the province of older women getting a nip and tuck as things went south, but now teens and young women routinely get their entire face and body reworked. Teen Mom Farrah Abraham recently revealed she'd had her nose and chin done to the tune of $16,000. This does sort of beg the question: What will the children of these women look like? One thing is for sure. The kids won't inherit the new faces and bodies. They'll get the old one. So this begs another question: If you've had plastic surgery, do you need to "warn" the father of your children that your kids together may not come out looking, uh, like you? One woman in China has supposedly found out the hard way about not owning up to her plastic surgery. When she had a baby girl, her husband was none too pleased to realize the kid was, well, "ugly."


Reportedly the man, Jian Feng, was stunned when his baby came out looking nothing like the gorgeous wife he'd married. But there was a good reason for that -- his wife, unbeknownst to him, had had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery before they met. Let's just say the guy wasn't too happy that the good-looking woman he'd procreated with didn't pass along those good-looking genes -- because she didn't have any.

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Reportedly the guy divorced his wife and then sued her. He won. Not only that, he won $120,000. Such is the price of an ugly baby in China! Granted, this story sounds slightly suspect and I couldn't find it in any legitimate news sources; however, even if it never happened, it still begs an interesting question -- should you discuss your plastic surgery with your spouse, even if you got it before you met?

Of course, we're all supposed to marry for love, not looks. But, let's face it, a great deal of what causes us to fall in love with someone is the way he or she looks. Imagine fantasizing about having a baby with your future husband, being all, "Ohhh, I hope our baby boy gets my husband's chin. Ohhh, I hope our baby girl gets my husband's nose." And then, lo and behold, the baby DOES. Ouch!

This is sort of the equivalent of falling in love with a man you think is the CEO of a major company only to find out he's stone broke and unemployed.

I do think you have a moral imperative to tell your future spouse about your plastic surgery. It's only fair. However, whether you should then be sued for not telling, that's another story. You take your chances in love with a lot of things, not just looks. People lie about all kinds of aspects of themselves when they get into a relationship. If we all sued for every time we were lied to, the courts would be jam-packed with relationship lawsuits. Still ... it might cause people to think twice before passing themselves off as something they're not.

Do you think people should be able to sue if it turns out their spouse used to be ugly?


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