Donald Trump's 'Bombshell' Obama Announcement Sounds More Like Blackmail (VIDEO)

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donald trump announcement"The Don" has spoken and made his "bordering on gigantic" announcement about President Barack Obama, which he claimed could possibly change the course of the election. Turns out Donald Trump's so-called "bombshell" isn't really anything of the sort. It's more like a used car salesman's pitch. See, apparently, releasing his long-form birth certificate at Trump's request is not enough. No, Trump says that he will only be satisfied -- and people will only be "very, very happy" -- once Obama offers up his "college records and applications" and "all of his passport records and applications." What the ... ?!?!?

Plus, Trump is upping the stakes on his latest request, basically attempting to buy these records from Obama, by offering to write a check to any charity of the president's request for $5 million -- if, and only if, Obama releases those records "by October 31 at 5 p.m." Wowwww ...

What on EARTH do Obama's college records/applications and passport records/applications have to do with anything?! This is just part 2 of this insane birther crap we've had to endure for four years now. Case in point: Trump's rhetoric sounds exactly as it did back when he was boo-hoo'ing about the birth certificate. Today he said, "President Obama is the least transparent president in the history of this country. Sadly, we know very little about a large portion of our president's life." He claims that as a result, "many Americans have serious questions" and "a large portion of American people are asking me to serve as their spokesperson."

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I'll go out on a limb and say the Americans for whom he is claiming to be a spokesperson are not representative of most of the country. They're representative of a fringe, racist niche who take issue with a half-black man in the White House and are determined to undermine his legitimacy somehow -- be that by questioning his birth in this country, education in this country, or his travels, I suppose. It's nothing short of asinine. Especially when Trump/the American people he's representing are neglecting to notice that the president has written two books about his life and education and that it's a fact that he attended Occidental College in 1979, transferred to Columbia University in New York in 1981, and later, attended Harvard Law School -- where he was the editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review.

What's more, to hang a blackmail-ish offer of money to charity over Obama's head is completely sick. It's almost as if the president can't win this one. He has to either kowtow to this ridiculous circus "sideshow" in order to claim Trump's charity cash, or turn his back on the nut job and potentially suffer criticism about "not being transparent enough" and passing up $5 mil. for charity. Ugh!

With hope, the White House thinks of some kind of clever way of handling the Don's stunt, but ultimately, Trump -- and whoever it is he's speaking for -- are out of line, out of touch, and simply don't deserve the president's acknowledgment.

Here's Trump's "announcement" in full ...

What do you make of this?!


Image via trump/YouTube

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Samfan97 Samfan97

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Obama's but whatever happened to respect and decency? Trump is clearly crossing the line. He and all of the other birthers need to knock off this ugliness.

Doug Hanson

Word from Sesame Street. Oscar the grouch says, "trumps message is being brought to you by the Letters F and U".

jhslove jhslove

Let's see a show of hands, since Trump says that "a large portion" of American are "asking" him to serve as their spokesperson. Anyone here want Donald Trump as their spokesperson? Anyone?

*sound of crickets*

Yoosee Yoosee

Donald Trump is a idiot !! I sure don't want that lunatic speaking 4 me!!!


nonmember avatar kaerae

If he has $5 mil sitting around, why not just donate it anyway? Or, maybe pay it back to the creditors who got screwed when he filed for bankruptcy several times???

Rob Beadon

This was funny and kept everyone on there toes, good job Donald Trump. Ha Ha Ha, Don't you love in the article where it says like a used car salesman's pitch, how many times have we seen President Obama out there pitching how we need to go out and buy a new car, talk about car salesman who can't run our country. This was fun and thoughtful, Thanks Donald but don't expect Obama to take the bait, he has something to hide.

nonmember avatar Anon

Obama hates America. He did not grow up in America. He hated his American mother. His previous job was an anti-establishment community organizer. He used his office to apologize for all Americans and promise that we would shut up and sit down now. Why would anyone wonder about his background? I don't know. I heard he got into university by claiming the benefits of a foreign student. Anyhoo, if he's American, what is the problem? I had to show all those documents and more to get my job, to adopt my kids, etc. Big deal. Everyone seeking any job in the US has to show proof of citizenship by law. What's the problem? Let's be honest - if his documents prove he had a passport or other document saying he was a citizen of another country, you'd still want him to be re-elected illegally. If it were Bush, Palin, or Romney we were talking about, you would be all over this.

MamaD... MamaDee83

Anon, I want some of whatever you are smoking. Even if I am not a fan of Obama, I don't think he HATES America. Also, last time I checked, Hawaii is part of America. I just think that this whole weird vendetta/mission that Trump is on about this is just.... pointless and petty. He's nutters!!!

bills... billsfan1104

I thought this too when I read the proposal. I thought of blackmail. But I think he might have something. I heard the reason why the college transcripts are sealed are because it shows he is a foreign student. Even if it did. Its too late now. Who cares. I just want him voted out.

Jennifer Just

I am curious to see what his transcripts contain, and no, I'm not racist.  I don't care what color the person running our country is, I care about the job that they do.I think it's interesting that everyone is calling for Romney's tax returns, but no one cares why Obama REFUSES to release his college transcripts?  sounds a tad fishy to me....

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