Mother, Two Toddlers Killed But 6-Month-Old Baby Miraculously Survives

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One young boy has only been in this world for six months and yet has already suffered a horrific tragedy: His mother and two older siblings were killed in the same house with him. At 6 months old, the baby is the only survivor of a family massacre in Sacramento, California. Police were so disturbed by taking care of the now motherless baby until social service workers could arrive that chaplains were called to the scene to counsel them. "Many of us have children as well," said one officer. "It's extremely traumatic ... We're all human."

This innocent baby is practically all alone in the world now.

It all started when the father of the family reportedly arrived home on the quiet street in Rancho Cordova and realized something was wrong in the house. Not knowing if an intruder was still inside, he ran to a neighbor's house and the two called police.

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Police arrived and found a young mother in her 20s, and her two children, a 3-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy, all dead. No word on how exactly they were killed, but police say it was "very violent." Officers followed the sound of a baby crying and found the youngest member of the family in a crib in a back room.

So far there is no motive for the murders and the names of the family haven't even been released. The father and the neighbor who dialed 911 are being questioned but are not suspects. Early this morning, another man, who was reportedly in possession of a van missing from the house, was detained for questioning.

The pictures of the baby boy outside the scene of the crime will break your heart. In one, he sucks on a yellow pacifier in his carrier while gazing up innocently at the social worker carrying him away. In another, the baby, in a pink jacket or blanket, dozes in an officer's arms.

The baby is so peaceful in these photos. He has no idea that he will tragically never get to know his mother or his two older siblings. I can't imagine what the future holds for this poor child.

Do these photos break your heart?

Update: In horrific news, the 19-year-old brother of the murdered children's father has been arrested in connection with the crimes.


Image via AlanCleaver/Flickr

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dirti... dirtiekittie

what a terrible tragedy, and it sounds like it was very terrible. my heart goes out to the father and this little baby. i hope they find the monsters responsible for this, and that this man and his baby can find peace.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

Why did Social Services take the baby if the father isn't a suspect? Just curious Im not sure how that kind of stuff works.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S

@BiBi the father will probably be in interviews for the next couple of days.

They also have to check the child over to make sure he is okay.

I pray that this little boy and his daddy can heal from the horrific crime. May God be with this family.

Trina... Trina.mhmm

Maybe he was the step father? Still, hopefully he gets that baby and can keep whats left of his family...  How come the father doesnt get sypmathy? On this site fathers are always treated as suspects...

nonmember avatar Myturn

I would assume the father is overwhelmed right now and is in no condition to take care of a baby. My heart breaks for that family. My baby is 6 months old right now and I can't bear to think of leaving her. So sad.

nonmember avatar kevobx

Who is black in America? Tell the truth, it starts with the bloodlines! Dna, what is color, a wicked man would attach themselves to another man's bloodline, but for what purpose?

Margie Andrade

I cant believe his own brother could have done this to his sis-in-law and nephew and niece!!!!
There has to be some sort of story behind all this!!

nonmember avatar sherelle

That poor baby. May not understand, but will certainly feel the loss. Gonna know that mama isn't there. Heart breaking.

nonmember avatar Jessica

My heart goes out to this family but myself if that was my family and i thought something was wrong i would had went in the house to check on my family it just seems funny how the man just assumed something was wrong without knowin and called police maybe they need to check into that

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

I hope the fucker fries!

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