Teen Brothers Arrested for Autumn Pasquale's Murder & It's Almost Unthinkable (VIDEO)

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autumn pasquale
Autumn's uncle, Paul Spadofora
Police have made arrests in connection to missing teen Autumn Pasquale, and the news is even worse than I'd imagined: The two people arrested for Autumn Pasquale's murder are teenage brothers, age 15 and 17. A couple of kids may have done this horrendous crime.

According to police, Autumn was lured into the boys' home to get parts for her BMX bike. Evidence suggests she was strangled in that house. The brothers have been charged with first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence, theft, and disposing of a body. The 15-year-old brother has been charged with luring.

Okay, deep breath. This story has gotten even more disturbing than it already was.

Apparently it was the boys' mother who helped lead the police to her sons. She caught a suspicious post on one of the boys' Facebook account. And I can't even imagine how it feels to be her right now. What is going wrong in a household that produces two teenage murderers? Did the mother suspect her sons all along? I guess there wasn't much adult supervision going on. Teens need their independence, I know. But to have a murder happen under your own roof, and the hands of your own children ... it's unthinkable.

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"There's evil everywhere," Autumn's uncle Paul Spadofora said at today's press conference, "even in the small town of Clayton." And even in the heart of a 15-year-old boy. Use whatever word you want to use, evil, dysfunction, pathology -- it just gives me a sick feeling knowing kids are capable of killing a girl.

If it's any consolation -- and it's hard to find a bright spot in this story -- police say there's no evidence of sexual assault. Who knows if we'll ever find out the mystery behind the boys who allegedly murdered an innocent girl in a small town. Part of me wants to know why they did it, and part of me is afraid to find out.

What do you think was behind the murder of Autumn Pasquale?


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riadolph riadolph

I'm not sure if I want to know what was going through the minds of these two EVIL children when they took this poor girl's life. I applaude the one boy's mother for reporting her suspicions to the police, I can't imagine how hard it was for her to give that kind of evidence to them regarding her own child. My thoughts and prayers will be with the family of Autumn Pasquale!

momofcfk momofcfk

WOW you seem to always bash how people parent. Let me guess you get mother of the year every year right? You have no idea how these boys were raised. She could be a great mother and her boys are just sick! This is so sad and i feel for the parents of the girl and the parents of the boys.

Jakes... Jakesmommie

Really... This poor child's body is not even cold and you write this. Let her family have a moment to process this as well as the mother WHO DID THE RIGHT THING AND REPORTED HER CHILDREN. It must have been the hardest thing for her to do.

I pray NONE OF US WILL EVER BE IN HER SHOES. You really must try not to be so judgmental if you want to be taken as a serious author.

momofcfk momofcfk

Jakesmommie....I AGREE!!! Horrible article to write!

Jammi... Jammie209

For all of us whom live in there area it's everywhere anyway. It's on here, fb, the news, the radio, my 13 daughters school even had an assembly about it today. Cafemoms is probably the last place ppl who knew & love this child will care about reading about this horrible crime. It's a sad day for Clayton & all the surrounding areas. In a way it is even harder knowing children raised in our community, that went to school w our children are capable of doing this. I'll give my daughters extra hugs tonight as we grieve not only for a little girl lost but also for the innocence of our own children & community lost. God bless Autumn, may she rest in peace.

IKnow... IKnow0101

Somewhere in this article I knew it was the brothers' mom fault.  Let's take a moment and pray for this child before we start the blame game.

Cassandra Johnson

I'm fairly certain the author of this article is paid to stir the pot. There's no way anyone could sincerelly write such bull. How do you sleep at night?

tuffy... tuffymama

Um, it's called THE STIR. Stirring the pot and praising Obama is all these *ladies* do. Come here for entertainment and the opinions of other moms only, and it will be okay.

But it IS shitty to start blaming that mother. For all you know, it was at the urging of a sicko teacher or something. God knows there are enough of them in the public schools.

Kristi Henry Cisneros

If she were a horrible mom, she most certainly would not have been on nor cared what was on her son's FB page nor would she have reported her very own *babies.*(because let's face it ladies, our kids will always be our babies no matter how old they get. ; ) It is in poor taste to blame her without one shed of evidence that she is somehow responsible for this. Both families have been dealt nightmares that NO family should ever have to suffer. I know I could not go on without my daughter and I very likely could not go on knowing BOTH of my children are premeditated murderers.

I am interested in knowing their forethought and state of mind during and after purely from a pyschological stand point. Not because I'm twisted myself. But seriously, what sets off 2 brothers that age to actually PLAN something this horrible? Could it have been prevented? In hindsight, were there warning signs of violent, disturbed behavior? Were any kind of drugs, such as a hallucinogenic, involved? Was Autumn the desired target or the easy target, did it matter?

My heart and prayers go out to all those grieving for Autumn. Rest in peace, baby girl, justice will be served.

@tuffymama--the sickos do not discriminate, they go to all the schools. : (

Azyra Azyra

I am so tired of hearing how parents are always to blame. Really, did you grow up exactly as your parents expected. You raise them, you teach them wrong from right, you teach them respect, you teach them many things. In the end, it comes down to them making the right choices. It comes down to them being, obviously from this story, way more disturbed that you ever knew. Many parents did everything right and their kid grows up and makes his/her own choices due to their own personality and what is inside of them. Don't judge the parents, they can only do so much.

And tuffymama, first of all, don't bring politics, a sick teacher, or whatever you seem to believe influenced these children to act a certain way. Maybe they are just crazy/insane/schizo f-ers that did it for fun. You don't know what made them do it. Either way, stop blaming everyone but the person who did the deed. One of the biggest things wrong with society right now is playing the damn blame game. People make their own choices, don't blame it on anything or anyone else.

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