Disabled Veteran Humiliated by Store Employees & Mocked for Dressing Like a Wounded Warrior

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service dogsIt sounds like a store in Texas just hit the jerk jackpot. The mattress store is accused of kicking a disabled man out for bringing his service dog inside. Oh, and did I mention this was a disabled veteran who was told he had to go?

Adan Gallegos, who served in the US Army in Iraq, is suing Billy Bob's Beds (yes, that's the real name) after he says he and his service dog, Bootz, were given the boot from the store. Gallegos says the dog had his service vest and a leash on.

The lawsuit alleges the store's owner claimed "no one could make him do anything in his own building." It also claims the store's employees followed him out of the store even after he left so they could make fun of Gallegos, telling him to take off his Wounded Warriors garb and "go occupy Wall Street."

Considering Gallegos is suing, it's a lot of he said/he said here, but if even a small part of this true, I'm disgusted.

We are talking about a veteran who sacrificed an enormous amount for our country. Involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein, Gallegos quite literally gave up his health while fighting overseas. Due to his time in combat and an IED explosion, he's 70 percent disabled and suffers from severe PTSD.

In that sense he's like the 20 percent of the 2 million soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and came home with PTSD and/or traumatic brain injury. Service dogs have been called upon to help many of them as they try to get by back here at home. These men and women have done so much, they deserve our respect.

Not to mention, the people who have service dogs aren't just bringing an animal into a store for kicks. They're taking advantage of a federally-protected right to have a dog help them complete the basic tasks that a lot of us take for granted. Kicking one of these people out of your store isn't just jerky: it's illegal.

So there you have it ... double whammy of despicable.

What do you think of the allegations here?


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riadolph riadolph

These comments make me feel physically sick! Instead of abusing these men and women that have sacrificed so much of themselfs for our country, we should be kissing the ground that they walk on! I've had family in the military and I couldn't imagine treating someone in that manner.

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

If someone were to treat a veteran like that in my presence I don't know what would happen! Maybe I'm biased, my husband has been in for over 10yrs and has had his fair share of deployments. I don't think they deserve special treatments (this man wasn't doing anything wrong) but people need to quit spitting at them and realize they're human beings who love their country.

Judy Wamzmom Wamser

If this gets publicized enough that man wont have a business to run hopefully. What an idiot, I am so angry right now. I hope the people of Texas take care of this idiot.

Shelly Hale-Brown

He fought for your freedom, you kicked him out of your store. I hope no one ever buys from this guy ever again.

rmebr... rmebrat1020

I guess the store owner forgot that it was soldiers like this disabled veteran who fought and sacrificed a lot so that @$$holes like him could make stupid remarks. I have been around the military all my life and this is just wrong. People should be thankful that we have men and women who are willing to give up so much and not ask anything in return.

Vegeta Vegeta

I have a service dog and it is completely illegal under the Americans with disabilities act to bar the dog from any establishment. (unless for whatever reason the dog is acting up). The dog doesn't even need to be wearing a special vest or leash and the handler doesn't need to show paperwork, id (aside from rabies and dog licence tags) or tell anyone why they have the dog/their disability. This store us going to get its ads handed to it in court.

Teressa Moyer

Wow, this is disgusting beyond words... I hope to God this story is NOT true. (I am the proud mother of a 23yo Airman and would hate to think this could be him !)

nonmember avatar Crystle

I usually think that people are to lawsuit happy in this Country... But this is one lawsuit I hope he wins!

Victoria McGuire


nonmember avatar Noelle Brod

That store mananger needs to be slapped upside his head! I hope the judge is former military!! You do not treat anyone like that!! We are all here because of ppl who fought for this country that idoit needs to remember that.

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