Obama's 'Horses & Bayonets' Zinger Deploys Army of Hilarious Memes (PHOTOS)

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romney's militaryWas it just me, or did it seem like the Obama team had prepared their candidate with some meme-ready zingers? It's one way to get us to pay attention to a ... what was the focus of last night's debate again? Oh yes, foreign policy.

Last night's debate was loaded with gems, but this was the best line of the night, in response to Romney's accusation that the Navy had shrunk since 1916:

Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. ... We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. And so the question is not a game of Battleship, where we're counting ships.

"Horses and bayonets" started trending immediately, and the gif'ing and meme'ing machine started churning out craziness. For your entertainment we've gone and gathered a little basket of our favorite "horses and bayonets" memes just for you.

By the way, some troops may have guns that happen to have bayonets attached, but they are indeed using fewer as Obama said. The last bayonet charge was launched in the Korean war (1951) and the Army is phasing out bayonet training. But back to the funnies: Here's a few more hilarious memes which, for copyright reasons, we can't repost: Obama riding a unicorn, Battleship fictional movie poster, 3 Debates in Pictures, The I Don't Always Fight Wars.


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Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Honestly, didn't see all of them. Why? I freaking CAN NOT STAND the slideshow format. Really.

I wish you could just put them in the article. :/

nonmember avatar Guest

So, the liberals are attempting to obfuscate OWEbama's debate failure by attributing OWEbama's tragically ignorant remark to Romney?

miche... micheledo

I didn't watch the debate, but am a bit confused.  OBama made the statement about horses and bayonets, right?

Romney didn't say that we should have more.  But Obama said it? 

I guess I don't get this.  Unless Romney agreed and said we needed more horses and bayonets in our military.


Though that last one is cute!  (with the cat)


Micheledo, you're correct, Obama was the one who said it.

Our military also still carry bayonets...but no one cares about the actual issue, they care about finding the next thing they can mock.

nonmember avatar Guest

@micheledo and MENSAmamma, well, guess it is doing what it was intended to do.

Everyone IS paying attention to joke captioned pictures, and they are NOT paying attention to OWEbama's debate performance.

I am still chuckling at how many times OWEbama was so desperate to change the subject that he actually reverted to bringing up his domestic policy performance!!!

Now THAT is desperation!!!

Cyndi Smith

Um.... Horses and bayonetts are still in use today and FyI we use more bayonetts today than we did in 1916... and Mr President the aircraft carrier is a ship and subs are concidered Boats. AND your childish comment doesn't change the fact that the Navy NEEDS SHIPS.


@Guest, if he reverts to his horrendous domestic policy, then you know it must've been bad!

@Cyndi, is that true, we have more bayonets now?  If so, you'll NEVER hear about that in the news, the truth is so irrelevent when you're childishly mocking someone.

nonmember avatar kay

There are more bayonets today because the military is SOOO much larger than it was 100 years ago. And they're not used in battle. Matter of fact, when was the last time you've seen or heard of a man to man battle? The bayonets are used for ceremonies, thats all. And CYNDI SMITH... who says we need more ships? The military certainly did not. Just like Bush....this man seems to be setting us up for another useless war.

Rachael Holland

Sorry, did Obama say we "have fewer" or "use fewer"? It's pathetic to know the truth and still try to protect the fact that he's uninformed on the military he is in charge of.

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