Psychics Predict 2012 Presidential Election – Will It Be Romney or Obama? (VIDEO)

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tarot cardsAll right, I'll just admit this upfront: When a commenter on The Stir said that two well-known psychics had predicted a win for Obama my curiosity was piqued. I'm not superstitious, I just read my horoscope every day but I love reading about astrology and tarot. And what if it it turned out that all the psychics out there were predicting a win for one of the candidates and it turned out they were right! Wouldn't that be mind-blowing?

So naturally I started scouring the Interwebs for psychic predictions for the November 2012 elections. Here's what I found out.

It doesn't take a psychic to tell us the race is going to be very close. And most psychics I checked were reluctant to make definitive predictions. But they definitely see flows of energy that say a lot about how this election could go.

Denise Seigel of Astrology and Psychic Predictions says it'll be so, so, so close. Romney will likely lead in the polls leading up to the day, but that Obama has the astrological advantage on election day.  She also did Romney chart and thinks it's be nigh unto impossible for him to win.

The Prophetic Light, created a sketch of a beehive, a man with neatly-combed hair, and a Mason-like image of an eye in a pyramid: All seem to suggest to him that Romney will carry the day. The beehive is indicative of the Beehive state (Utah) and is also an important symbol to Mormons. Mason rituals are said to have influenced Mormon temple rituals as well.

Stephen Petullo of How is Your Love Life did a tarot card reading and find things look good for Romney. "The cards for Romney were hopeful and indicated that the wait is over. The cards for Obama indicated failure, loss, and feeling rejected."

A panel of astrologers gathered in New Orleans back in May and unanimously predicted a win for Obama. They also said that because Mercury is in retrograde there could be ballot irregularities.

Anthony Lewis, on his astrology and tarot blog, is skeptical of the convention's unanimous prediction for Obama. But when he takes a look himself he does see a very slight advantage for Obama with a possible last-minute upset for Romney.

This tarot reading on HRGBRG is wild -- scroll down to the end and you'll see the reader say that Obama will experience losses, but that if he wins the White House there is consensus, within her medium community anyway, that he could be assassinated! So while he has lost the love of his people and possibly the presidency he actually stands a better chance for leading an important and influential life outside the White House.

Okay, and finally, this isn't a prediction for the outcome of the election, more tarot readings for the candidates and for what the big influencers are. Stay tuned through the end to find out what the game-changer is. You'll love it!

Which psychics do you think are going to be correct?


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wamom223 wamom223

I have a psychic thought coming on.  We will not know who wins until the election is over.  

jessi... jessicasmom1

I will wait to see what happens

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Interesting...although I think it is all a load of hooey.

Melody Hodges

I think Obama has a real chance. That is my prediction. lol


Jackieblu Morris

Obama will pull it out in the end~!! And People do still love him~!!

Jackieblu Morris

Women are going for Obama, Karma & the Universe is with him~!!

Kazoo22 Kazoo22

lol. If these people where so right, they would all have the same prediction. Though I'll make a prediction of my own. . . whoever is right about the election will have a "i told you so" kind of thing going on and the ones that end up being wrong will say somthing along the lines of "i must of read it wrong" lol.

gmhfay gmhfay

I agree with  you  Kazoo22 -   I  am  hopeful that we will get the "Change" we need this year!!!!!!

Dave Schneider

"People are often surprised to learn that Tarot cards were originally invented for playing games, that such games are still widespread and popular in continental Europe, and that the employment of tarots for divination and fortune-telling is a relatively recent perversion of their proper use, dating only from the eighteenth century." The Penguin Encyclopedia of Card Games, by David Parlett

nonmember avatar Huawu

I believe birth chart rather than tarot card.

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