9-Year-Old Shot at Halloween Party Was Mistaken for a Real Skunk

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skunkA 9-year-old girl from western Pennsylvania certainly got the scare of her life at a Halloween party this weekend. The poor child was out in the yard in her costume when a male relative shot her! According to the police report, the shooter mistook the kid for a skunk

Anyone else thinking that is one gigantic skunk? Or one abnormally small 9-year-old girl?

According to cops in New Sewickley Township, the 9-year-old was wearing a black costume with a black hat that had a white tassel. Which means we've got the right colors for a skunk. Then there's the fact that the shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. Considering skunks are nocturnal, that's about the time they'd come out of hiding to go find food. The dark of night also explains how someone might have distorted vision.

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But everything about this explanation stinks. What about the party that was going on? The children that were milling around?

The fact that someone had a gun at a Halloween party sets off some obvious red flags here. I live in a rural area where plenty of people have guns. But they generally don't cart them around to parties. And if the gun owner is throwing the party, you'd better believe they're locked up so someone else's kid doesn't get into them. It's called responsible gun ownership.

So I have to ask again: who brought a gun out at a Halloween party? A party where we know there was at least one kid?

And what kind of gun user actually fires his weapon without ascertaining what he's shooting at? Your average skunk is probably a fifth of the size of a 9-year-old girl (if that ... a sixth of a size? a seventh? Those buggers are pretty small!). That alone should have given this guy pause.

Fortunately the guy's aim was pretty bad -- the girl was shot in the shoulder. Rushed to the hospital, she's going to make it.

As for her relative though, who knows. Cops say he wasn't drinking, but they're still investigating.The district attorney's office is expected to get the case. Here's hoping they take a more careful look than this guy did at the so-called skunk, huh?

Do you think he should be charged? What do you think of the excuse for shooting this girl?



Image via GregTheBusker/Flickr

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jalaz77 jalaz77

What a dipshit. I would take that gun and shoot him in the nuts. What an ass, a gun at a party first of all and can ya say trigger happy??? Most of the population do not deserve or should carry a gun!

Melis... Melissa1508

I'm all for ownership of guns and all that stuff, but there is NO REASON to have a gun at a party.  If it's that dangerous that you need to take a weapon then keep your ass at home where it's safe.  Jeez! 

tifferie tifferie

What crack are you smoking kevobx?? Just felt the need to be racist for a second?

femal... femaleMIKE

Even if it were a skunk, whats the point of shooting it?  They are harmless when left alone. If you shoot it then the whole yard will smell like a skunk. 

I hope the child recovers well and the shooter faces the consequences.

sukainah sukainah

Exactly, even if it was a skunk, why shoot it.  Yes, this person needs to be charged with something.  

Michael J. Simmons

This sounds like a bad episode of CSI. "Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas"anyone. "I thought it was a Coyote."

Laurie Meyers

was the girl crawling around the lawn? I'm thinking if she was walking,why would some idiot mistake her for a skunk anyway,I don't believe skunks walk upright on 2 legs,do they?

jenni... jenniferdiehl

Just saw this on my local news at Noon (less than an hour ago). The girl was also shot in the abdomen and is listed in critical condition at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but this is what comes to mind when I saw a photo of the home... The grandfather sitting on the porch waiting to shoot the nuisance skunk who had been getting into his trash...I mean he had to be old and senile with poor vision if he wasn't drinking! There are a lot of gun-toting rednecks in this area and there are always stories of shooting accidents in the fall because it's hunting season :(

nonmember avatar KristiC.

Yes, that moron should be charged! That's reckless endangerment! Plus, who would want to shoot a skunk in their yard? Had he never passed a dead one on the road? Once you kill them, the stink is all around the carcass.

Rebecca Lee

Idiots like that have no biz with a gun!! Gun owners should have to go through some sort of psych & commons sense evaluation prior to being handed a license to own/carry a gun!! Glad the girl is alive!

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