Father & 4-Year-Old Dead After Neighbor Reportedly Breaks in to Shoot Family of 5

Desmond John Moses In a disgustingly sad story out of Inglewood, CA, a 4-year-old boy and his father have been killed while a mother did a courageous and heartbreaking escape attempt with her 4-year-old, in an attempt to save him.

The suspect, Desmond John Moses, is also dead. He allegedly set his own home on fire and then went to his neighbor's where he is accused of killing the father and child. He is also accused of shooting the mother and two other children -- a 6 and a 7-year-old -- and then setting fire to their house as well. 

It is chilling and heartbreaking anyway you look at it, but when kids are involved? It just makes your head ache, no? Who could do such a thing?

Perhaps the saddest part is that Gloria Jimenez, 28 and Filimon Lamas, 33 tried to protect their children. Jimenez was shot in both legs and in her pelvis and she still managed to get over a fence and run while holding her fatally wounded toddler. It's sick.

Very little is known about the suspect here except that he was a neighbor and has been described as a "recluse." The current suspicion is that Moses may have committed this heinous crime because he was facing eviction. According to the LA Times, he had not paid his rent in a long time. How does that explain this? Answer: It doesn't.

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Perhaps the most heartbreaking image of this devastating crime is that of a young mother, ignoring her own pain to get her youngest child to the hospital How many of us could be so brave?

As the mom of a 4-year-old boy myself, my heart just aches thinking about her and what she must have felt in that moment. I have no doubt that the image of having to live without her precious child made her forget about the pain in her legs and pelvis.

But it was all fruitless. The boy died anyway and she lost the children's father as well. All for what?

Crimes are most always "senseless." After all, people who are in control and smart and make sense don't go around killing people. But this one, in particular just seems extra senseless. Now, this beautiful little boy won't grow up and three children are left fatherless and two of them are terribly wounded as well. And why? What purpose does hurting innocent children serve?

I will look at my neighbors a little differently and light a candle for the precious, sweet life that was snuffed out all too soon. It is just sickening.

Do you think you could do what this mom did?


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cmjaz cmjaz


MamaH... MamaHasWings

Such a sad story. Could I have done what she did? No matter how much pain I was in I would try to carry my children to safety. I think most mothers would do the same.

Meagan Hall

I would move heaven and earth to get both of my boys to safety, I could b on my death bed, and I'd still come up w tht power to get them somewhere safe, god bless the mother and the whole family for having to go through this terrible tragedy

tmrvi... tmrvica1225

My heart breaks for this woman!! I can't imagine the pain and suffering she must be enduring! 

Rosas... RosasMummy

Although i think most mums would find it within themselves to save their children no matter how much pain they were in it doesn't make it any les of an amazing feat when something like this does happe

nonmember avatar kevobx

Why are these parents, putting their kids first? When Christ put the little children last, to be first in his kingdom.

Jennifer Abare

Most likely I would have gone after the attacker whop just attacked me because i would probably get so pissed off and forget about mine and someone who killed my child and the father and would have gotten anyhting that I could find in my possession and gone after them beat the living shit out of them even if it cost me getting hurt or possibly killed.at that point i wouldn't have cared.serve my own justice on that person!sick world!


holly... hollywood74

my prayers are with the mother n 6 & 7 year old!!  RIP baby boy and father.

nonmember avatar lynda

i also lost a 4 year old boy in 2003. i know what this mother is goin through. i hate it people are so damn mean. my heart goes out ta this mother and her other children.

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