Lottery Winner Dumped by Girlfriend Right Before Big Win -- Isn't Revenge Sweet?

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Sucks to be Sandeep Singh's ex! The Boston man won $30.5 million right after his girlfriend dumped him. "I was heartbroken at first, but now I'm getting over it," said the lucky guy. No kidding. I would bet $30.5 million that she's the only regretting the split at this point.

Sandeep, who works two jobs to help support his family, first won $4 on a scratch-off tickets and used that money to buy the Mega Millions ticket. After getting home from work around midnight the day of the drawing, he checked the numbers on his sister's computer. "I didn't know what to do," he said. "I dropped the ticket." His first steps? Quit his job at Best Buy and his gig as a teller at Citizens Bank.

As for his girlfriend -- poor girl. It's not clear why she cut him loose -- but if had anything to do with finances, she must be freaking out right now. Isn't that the way it always happens? You kick a guy to the curb because he's not living up to his potential or pulling his weight and then BOOM -- he finally gets off his butt and lands a great job or, in the case, hits the jackpot. Well, whatever annoyed her about him could easily have been ignored for that kind of cash, don't ya think? I know plenty of women who put up with all kinds of eye-roll worthy habits from guys who don't have a cent to their name.

It sure is sweet revenge for Sandeep though. The dumpee always dreams of getting back the dumper in some grandiose way. Well, I can't imagine a bigger "FU" than this.  If it makes her feel any better, he won't actually take home the entire pot thanks to Uncle Sam. Opting for a lumps sum payout of $23 million, her only nets about $16.1 million after taxes.

Do you think Sandeep should take his girlfriend back?



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nonmember avatar Rachel

This is rather unfortunate. Couples break up and reunite all the time. Maybe they would've done the same. There's a chance they still will. But there will always be people wondering if she came back because of him or because of the money. And, as my husband pointed out, even she might not know.

Elena Duran

It would not surprise me if she did try to get him back. Hen again I also would not be surprised if she tried to sue and claims he is somehow the legal winner. ( I.e. I gave him the money to buy something and he bought the four dollar ticket with the change, it's mine.)

nonmember avatar kevobx

The world is shut up, all they know is peace, safety, pride and prosperity. Money is a god. (Psalm 82:1)

areyo... areyouatroll

Who says she even wants him back?

nonmember avatar jenna

I don't think anyone should be jumping to conclusions about his ex. Maybe he was an asshole to her, maybe he was the worst boyfriend ever. Stop ragging on a woman who no one knows anything about.

Frank Frive

Let's see. His dad died when he was 14, and for many years he has been working two jobs to help pay for his mother's mortgage and he is trying to get a degree.
I can see his ex dropping him for not being a possible great supporter of her and any future family, but hard to see him as a A$$ at this time.
As for her share, a nice gift certificate to Burger King would be in order.

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