Women's Lives Are ‘Never’ at Risk Due to Pregnancy, Says Rep. Joe Walsh (VIDEO)

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One of the most bizarre aspects of this election year has been the Republicans coming out with some of the most outlandishly wrongheaded theories about pregnancy. You really have to wonder where they received their educations and if their schools had health classes?! Of course, we can't forget Rep. Todd Akin who said that women who are "legitimately raped" can't get pregnant, thanks to bodies that "shut down" rape sperm. Missouri GOP Committeewoman Sharon Barnes called pregnancy resulting from rape a "blessing." And now we have Rep. Joe Walsh in Illinois coming out with this doozy: He thinks that there should never be an "exception" rule regarding abortions for women due to health concerns. Because he thinks that women's lives are never in danger due to a pregnancy.

Walsh, who was debating Democrat challenger Tammy Duckworth, said that the life of a mother is never in danger because with "advances in medicine and technology, you can't find one instance" in which an abortion would be necessary to save a mother's life.

He goes on:

The health of the mother has become a tool for abortions any time for any reason ... there's no such exception as the 'life of the mother.'

Medicine, of course, would have to disagree. Ectopic pregnancies, in which a baby begins to develop somewhere other than the uterus (usually the fallopian tube), are extremely dangerous and have to be terminated or the mother will die. A fallopian tube is not able to carry a baby to term, end of story. The pregnancy is terminated by injecting medicine that allows the body to absorb pregnancy tissue, or the fallopian tube is removed or the ectopic pregnancy is removed and the tube fixed. These types of pregnancies are not uncommon. According to the American Pregnancy Association, one out of every 50 pregnancies is ectopic.

Without doing something about an ectopic pregnancy, a woman is very likely to bleed to death. Which I guess is what Joe Walsh wants??! Or he doesn't believe in ectopic pregnancies? Or has never heard of them? Or maybe he just simply doesn't give a crap that a woman could die without terminating the fetus growing in her fallopian tube. Wonder how he'd feel if his daughter or wife began screaming in pain from an ectopic pregnancy and her doctor recommended surgery.

Of course, women may need to terminate a pregnancy for other health reasons too. Here are some examples below in the video:

What do you think about Joe Walsh's comments?

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wamom223 wamom223

When this site stops acting like it speaks for all women I'm not going anywhere.  I would hate for people to think all women think like you moron.  

wamom223 wamom223

You do know the person I addressed originally was the person that wrote this blog right?   And you do realize my comments have been in response to other comments, right?   I know you realize that so I dont' understand what your so upset about.  You apparently aren't a conservative and I am and all I can say is this guy is an idiot.  I also feel it would be nice if men that felt this way formed their own party so we don't have to take responsibility for them since the majority of Republicans do not agree with these ignorant statements.  What else can I say?  He does not speak for us.  However, I wanted to make a point and like I said am still bothered the issue was ignored.  I am especially offended since the defence was because she was just running for Congress it wasn't a big enough story.  I  made my point to the author and was ready to move on.  You all are the ones that can't let it go.  

Jamie Lawson

Ok, I would love to know where these men, who will never know what it is like to be pregnant, and will never have to deal with these heartbreaking decisions, get off thinking they know everything! I was raped. Did it end up with my being pregnant, no, but that doesn't mean it doesn't! While I like to think of women as super heroes, we do not have some super power to stop sperm from meeting an egg! These men that are supposed to running our country need to educate themselves before opening their big mouths!

MamaD... MamaDV1012

I had an ectopic pregnancy at 5 weeks.  I had started to hemmorhage by the time they figured out what was wrong with me 3 days after the bleeding/excruciating pain started, I had detrimental damage to my fallopian tube, part of it had to be removed and now I can't get pregnant on that side.  I had surgery that saved my life and was miraculously able to conceive 2 months later with a healthy baby boy who is now a year old.  My surgery was performed in a Catholic hospital, it was a no-brainer to perform the surgery the baby would not have survived under those circumstances and I would have died otherwise. 

hexxuss hexxuss

Wow! What a moron. I had my tubes tied by doctor's orders.  If I ever got/get pregnant again, we would BOTH be dead by week 20.  Eclampsia NEVER (ever) gets better with successive pregnancies, ONLY WORSE!  I almost died 2 days after giving birth to my son. I would never risk not being around for him.  Please note - I had my tubes tied to prevent a pregnancy & not endanger my life with one - under the Romney standpoint, all birth control is illegal - which would make myself & my tubal, or any woman getting a life-saving hysterectomy, lawbreakers.  NO MALE should speak to the female body, period.  I know I sure don't go on about how/what a guy should do with his penis - stay the hell out of my vagina!

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