Obama Talks '50 Shades' & Other 'Sexy Issues' With Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

obama jon stewartWhat did we expect from President Barack Obama's appearance on The Daily Show? Well, we expected it to be awesome -- and it was. We expected Jon Stewart to rib Obama about his somewhat lackluster performance during the first debate, and he did: "What happened?! Did you feel ... here's what happens to me sometimes. Sometimes I'll go on stage and I'll have, let's say, a turkey sandwich and a shot of NyQuil. And halfway through I'll look up and go, 'Are we on?'" We expected Obama to laugh and be a good sport about the whole thing, and he was: "Cute, John. Cute."

But we -- or at least I -- did NOT expect the President to bring up Fifty Shades of Grey. Say what?!

Let me explain. Earlier in the show, Stewart was talking about that whole women voters not getting "turned on" by the election nonsense, and he flashed the Fifty Shades cover onscreen. This came back to haunt him later when Obama was talking about changes he made to Bush-era policies.

"These are not sexy issues," Obama said.

"You don't know what I find sexy," Stewart objected. Obama laughed, then shot back:

"I saw you flash that Shades of Grey thing. I know what you've been reading. We're not going to go there. I'm still the president."

Ha! Okay, so maybe Obama isn't the biggest Fifty Shades fan out there. But the fact that he can joke around about a bondage bestseller with Jon Stewart just goes to show what a down-to-earth guy he really is. We feel like Obama connects with us on a personal level. And isn't that what everyone should want in a president?

It's what I want.

Did you see President Obama on The Daily Show?

Image via TheDailyShow

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areilley areilley

So... you completely missed or ignored when he said what happened in Benghazhi  was "not optimal"? -sigh-

wamom223 wamom223

Yeah way to try to cover up the big disaster of the night.  Also I have heard a lot of democrats complain about this type of thing.  They say its okay to talk about this in the middle of a Presidents term but not three weeks before an election.  I get that you want him to connect with voters but you are actually turning some of them off.  I heard a radio D.J. on a hip hop station say if we can't trust the media to take our President seriously how do we expect anyone else to.  

Jane Funke McGill

I guess if you want personality (and a narcissistic one at that) over substance then vote for Obama.  If you want to continue the past four years of economic depression into the next, vote for Obama. If you want an administration that believes government's wishes are more important than the people's and will force a healthcare system that the majority did not want, then vote for Obama. I do not and will not vote for him.

Jennifer Just

I'm glad that you want a president who has time to talk to Jon Stewart about 50 Shades and who has time to go on David Letterman, but does not have time for the Jobs Committee meetings or time to meet with the leader of another country.  It's nice that you want Fluff in the White House and someone who is going to get us out of this mess.  Hmm... maybe if everyone keeps kissing his ass, he'll invite you all to a kegger at the White House, just to show you how "relatable" he is.

Jennifer Just

*I left out the word "not" before "someone who is going to"

Jillian Blesser

I will be voting for Obama, a real human person, not Romney 1.0.


nonmember avatar Guest

A pair of liars doing what they do...

nonmember avatar krelia

Not sure what I can't stand more, Politicians, or the people who vote for them. People want to jump at ANY little thing a candidate does or doesn't do it's getting pathetic.


Obama and sex! ish, I think I'm going to be sick! This is as far as I've gotten or will go! ICK!


nonmember avatar Zuri

Uh, what? If The Stir had an award for misleading titles, you and whoever wrote that article on sex and cosleeping would be tied for first. Obama and Stewart did not go into an entire conversation on 50 Shades. Stewart initiated almost the entire thing and then Obama made a poor word choice. To use this to criticize Obama is... too pathetic to even think about. And yes, I am glad to know I will be "voting" for a human being instead of Bush Version 3.0. I made the mistake of "voting" for Bush Version 2.0 already.
JAFE- Really? I could've come up with a more mature response during the Bush-Kerry election. No, it is not pleasant to think about Obama and sex at all, but you do not have to post comment that sounds like a five-year-old wrote it. Please. Class, restraint, common sense.

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