Boy Scout 'Perversion Files' Reveals Cops & Community Leaders Helped With the Cover-Up

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The Boy Scouts "perversion files" scandal may be much bigger than previously feared. The documents not only reveal names of pack leaders who allegedly abused boys, but may also indicate a network of cops, prosecutors, pastors, and others who helped cover up the crimes.

The kids organization was forced to release 15,000 pages of documents that detail decades of sex abuse and 1,250 names of accused volunteers. If these reports are found to be true, this could be the most far-reaching molestation case in the country's history.

Various community members may have protected Boy Scout leaders and others accused of molesting the boys, according to the once confidential files chronicling incidents from 1959 to 1985 all over the country. In one instance in 1965, a Louisiana mother went to the sheriff to report that a scoutmaster had raped one son and molested two others. Days later, he actually confessed but charges were never filed.

The alleged justification for sweeping these crimes under the rug year after year? At the time, they reportedly wanted to protect the "good name and good works" of scouting. In reality, what they were really doing was protecting sick predators and ignoring their many victims.

The Boy Scouts of America fought hard to keep these documents a secret, but lost a 2010 Oregon civil suit, and the files are just being made public. The documents do show that that database of names helped the organization keep some known pedophiles out of leadership positions, but in some cases, these men found their way back into jobs where they were dealing with young boys.

In fact, some suggest the organization actually showed compassion for suspected molesters by sending them to psychiatrist and pastors for counseling. But honestly, that was not enough. If they committed crimes, they should have been turned over to the police.

And there may be more documents yet to be revealed. The group has reportedly collected records since it was founded in 1910. Who knows what incidences went unnoticed or undocumented. It is unbelievable an organization that prides itself on honor and duty would work so diligently to keep this sick catalog of dirty secrets. Well, it's not a secret anymore and a lot of people may have to answer for their part in these crimes.

Are you shocked so many people may have been involved in this cover-up?


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ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I know people keep saying yuo can't judge the entire organization by the few people who mess up. But it seems to me, that there are more and more horrible things coming to light than there should be. Even for how large the BSOA is. My sons will not be scouts. Because aparently these "leaders" can't be held accountable for anything. 

Jeanette Martinez

I am so sick of these child predators!! I have NO compassion for any one who hurts or violates children! It's times like these when I favor a more "eye for an eye" approach!!


nonmember avatar Guest

Oh great, another "It's 'left wing cool' to hate the Scouts" piece.

Though Ericka Sóuter shamelessly plagiarized numerous passages from the original article, she conspicuously skipped over these:

"Many of the files released on Thursday have been written about before, but this is the first time the earliest ones have been put in the public domain."

So, Ericka's assertion that this is "much bigger than previously feared" is simply a lie.

"The 1959-85 files show that on many occasions the files succeeded in keeping pedophiles out of Scouting leadership positions — the reason they were collected in the first place."

So, when Ericka calls them a "sick catalog of dirty secrets", she is engaging in intentional dishonesty.

Likewhise when Ericka asserts that they somehow had "compassion for suspected molesters" by kicking them out and making them get help is also ridiculous slander.

nonmember avatar Guest


"The files showed a "very low" incidence of abuse among Scout leaders, said psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Warren"

As these cases were known, just the details of some 45 year old cases are newly released, this "revelation" does not change the statistic:

Catholic Priests are 10 times more likely to be involved in a molestation case than a BSA leader;

And Public School Teachers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a molestation case than a Catholic Priest.

But yes, do deny your kids the educational opportunity of the Scouts because they don't let their name get used for various left wing political agendas.

"Are you shocked so many people may have been involved in this cover-up?"

100,000,000 scouts,

1,250 accused Scout volunteers

No, I am shocked by the authors numerical illiteracy.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

It's not the fact that there were cases for me--sexual molestation can happen in any organization--it's the fact that it was covered up. Knowingly and deliberately covered up, victimizing the boys not once, but twice when justice was not served. These molesters were often never reported to the police, charges were never filed, and in some cases, they got to keep their jobs. The fact that these "perversion files" are upwards of 20,000 pages in some cases is what concerns me.

nonmember avatar BSA Parent

As a parent of cub scouts I have no reservation with my boys being scouts. BSA has many safeguards in place today, they insist on "2 deep leadership" (2 parents are always present and no adult is allowed to be alone with a child), they do background checks, and every year they ask parents to review with their son how to spot abuse and how to report it.

slw123 slw123

My son is in scouts and they have many safeguards in place to prevent abuse from happening.  Our packs rule is that the boys can't go camping without at least one parent/guardian with them  PERIOD.   Which is a perfectly fine rule for me because I would never allow my son to go without one of us with him.  It keeps it all honest and up front like that.

I do think it's awful that so many of these incidences were covered up by people who could have stopped it from happening.  Why someone would let an adult hurt a child like that is beyond me and by letting it happen with one, it allows it to happen with more than one.  Nasty predators find a way in and they know how to single out a vulnerable child without others realizing what is happening.  That's why they only way I know my son is safe is to be right there with him at all times.

Anita Faith Smith

Not shocked. I've heard stories about this for years. Sexual predictors all over.

Those responsible for the cover up should be prosecuted.

Additional victims could have been prevented.

Nycti... Nyctimene

It is worrying but I'd like to see more recent data.

For instance, it doesn't surprise me that data from 1959 and through the 1960s wasn't complete and was covered up. We're only just starting to understand sexual predators and the psychology there and how to track them now, let alone back then when it was even less understood and less...accepted (not in terms of excusing the behavior but people would never talk about such a thing in 1959/1960 whereas now things like 'To Catch a Predator' are on mainstream TV).

A lot has changed since then. Scout Leaders probably have to undergo different training than they did back then, and have police background checks which they probably didn't even really have back when.

I'm trying not to judge the [year] 2000 Scouts by what happened back with the 1960s and 1970s Scouts.

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