Couple Caught Having Sex on Restaurant Table -- In Front of Little Kids!

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Having worked in the restaurant industry for many years, I cannot begin to tell you the amount of weird things I've seen or had requested of me.

Some of them were gross -- the same side of the booth couple who decided that a little down and dirty under the table was a good idea, the parent who wanted me to pick carrots out of soup because his kid didn't like them (note to parents: you don't want your server digging around in your soup -- that stuff's premade).

The stories I could tell would make you gasp or cry, depending upon which I told, but nothing takes the cake quite like what a Florida couple decided was a good idea.

Having sex on a table in a busy Florida restaurant.

The couple, a studly dude named Jeremine Calo and his date, decided that what was for dinner was not on the menu -- it was time to get down and dirty. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, except that the duo decided that they should do it in the middle of a busy restaurant.

What makes matters even more disturbing is that the couple decided to have sex in the middle of a restaurant on a table in front of minor children.

Hungry yet?

The outrageously furious manager of the Irish themed restaurant called Paddy Murphy's in Baldwin Park, Florida, whose website boasts "live entertainment," was certainly not amused by this form of "live entertainment."

When the manager approached the table, telling the couple to compose themselves, pay the check, or the police would be called, the very decent man informed him that they would not, in fact, stop having sex, because his date wasn't "finished" yet.

Parents were understandably outraged to note that the couple had been fornicating in front of their children. Sex ed is important, but this is one of those things that's better left to discuss in the comfort of one's own home. I've had the sex talk with my kids -- it's not pleasant, but it certainly beats, "Mommy, what's that man doing to that woman?"

The virile dude began, of course, to fight with the manager about paying the bill, but shocked parents didn't want to make a statement, so the sex allegations are going to pass by unnoticed.

I know if I'd been there, I'd have happily filed the allegation -- there's no reason for that sort of behavior anywhere, especially in front of minor children.

Would you have made a statement if you and your family saw a couple having sex in the middle of a restaurant?

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Autum... Autumnjean26

Filed a statement? I would've pressed charges for anything that would stick. That's the same thing as exposing children to pornography. It's disgusting.

bills... billsfan1104

Why dont you mention her name or show her picture? She was just as nasty as him.

bills... billsfan1104

Why dont you mention her name or show her picture? She was just as nasty as him.

Craft... CraftyJenna

Daily mail...I call some bullshit. No one would report the sex to the police for charges, but they will talk to the news stations? WTF?

james... jamesmommy32404

my husband would have beat the hell out of the guy...i so would have been on the phone with the police...

nonmember avatar BigHarryPecker

Hell, I would have bought the dude another beer. That's awesome.

lifeh... lifehappy

I don't believe this. People get arrested for peeing in a park, or walk around naked in their own homes with the curtains open, and then have to register as sex offenders...all because other people can't fathom the thought of a private part possibly being exposed. If this were true, the cops would've been handcuffing both of these people, and the parents would've been making the rounds on the morning news shows.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

i agree with lifehappy. People go to jail & have to register as sex offenders for less than this. theres no way they wouldve just cleaned up & went home. But to answer the question, damn right i wouldve made a statement!!!

Maria Rosado

I would've chopped his wiener off and served it up her bun!..Call the cops so he could have his "salad tossed"!...seriously, what is wrong with people?!.. there's no respect anymore?!!

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