Mom Reportedly Kills Kids ... and Then Heads to Hospital for a Belly Ache

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Chelsea ThorntonMove over Casey Anthony! A New Orleans mom who police say killed her kids, then jumped on a bus, is about to draw a lot of the "bad mom" hate her way. Chelsea Thornton apparently showed up at the hospital complaining that she had a headache and a stomach ache.

A headache and a stomach ache. And meanwhile, her 3- and 4-year-old kids were DEAD?! I'm not sure it gets much more callous!

Thornton has been charged with two counts of first degree murder for allegedly shooting her 3-year-old son and drowning her 4-year-old daughter in their bathtub. The toddlers' bodies were found late Wednesday afternoon by their grandmother who called police. That's when it all came out that Thornton had allegedly left her poor kids' lifeless bodies lying in their apartment so she could go deal with her widdle belly ache. 

Poor thing.


The whole sad story bears a striking resemblance to the teenager accused of killing his mom and sister earlier this month who called 911 and whined that this was really going to "mess up" his future. In both cases we have a suspect accused of unspeakable acts of horror who are so wrapped up in their own little worlds that they can't seem to see what they've just done to other human beings. It doesn't seem to register that their problems pale in comparison to a loss of life.

Whether it's a sign of insanity or just a sign that their moral compasses are off, only court psychiatrists will be able to tell. But what's clear is Thornton wasn't acting like much of a mother here. Say cops are wrong and she didn't kill her kids (cops say Thornton has admitted it, but just work with me here). What kind of mother leaves her dead children's bodies to go complain about a stomach ache at the hospital?

Exactly, folks. Exactly.

There's something especially sick and twisted about a mom who is thinking about how she feels when her children are dead.

Were you struck by the callous actions here? What do you think should be done with this "mother"?


Image via Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

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Rosas... RosasMummy

I think saying 'there's something sick and twisted about a mum who thinks about she feels when her children are dead' is not a particularly wise thing to write here, this particular woman is obviously sick and twisted, thinking about how you feel after your children have died in general is not, should parents of children who have died in anyway feel guilty about ever being able to think about their own lives and well being again? No of course they shouldn't

nonmember avatar Tina

Obviously she's a sick individual, but get mad at the author for a true statement. Any mother who can leave her dying children and go to the hospital and check on herself should be buried under the jail. Her pain is inconsequential. No her feelings do not matter any longer. She can complain about her stomach ache everyday that they have her locked away.

doubl... doubledsmommy

Let's shoot her in the belly then drown her to finish her off. I have no sympathy for this woman, regardless of whether or not she's mentally ill. Innocent children are dead.

jalaz77 jalaz77

: ( poor babies. I hope she dies a slow death.

femal... femaleMIKE

She obviously got some screws missing.  Whats sad about some of these cases, is that the people involved are insane.  Its too bad that we can't get the kid out before the parent snaps.  Its really a sad part of living in our world.


early... earlybird11

She was not dealing with her widdle belly ache, she was trying for an alibi

jmama... jmama0307

She disgust me.

nonmember avatar deon

Wake up people wake up bipolar schizophrenic is real ,I pray she get the help she need s and not be judge ,and prosecuted. Only god can judge her I know the disease is real and I pray everyday for my son ,and that nothing happens like this ,but blame your governor for closings all the facilities out here , and new Orleans police not trained to handle the problem they are is abuses to mental ill peoples they mock. The disease, I pray for her and society because every one have someone these. With a mental illness and it worse then cancer,because society ,don't believe .she deserves the same treatment as that white woman,but better because she have a mental illness,a disease of the brain ,.that effect more people then you know know .

nonmember avatar etta

she actually looks like something's wrong with her. i mean, i don't normally judge a person by how they look because you never know. but i make an exception here.

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